34 – Why Pods and Beaver Themer are jolly good together, with Bernhard Gronau

34 – Why Pods and Beaver Themer are jolly good together, with Bernhard Gronau

Today we are talking about Pods and Beaver Themer with Bernhard Gronau. Where to start?

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Pod is a free open source plugin available on the WP repository that allows us to easily create Custom Post Types (CPTs) and Custom Fields in WordPress.

Beaver Themer is an extension that (among other things) allows us to do clever Page Building stuff with Custom Post Types and Fields.

Bernhard sells Chocolate products from Belgium, likes to waltz, and talks in an Austrian accent. You can find him in the Beaver Builder Facebook and Slack groups all the time, but apparently he is not a clever internet bot created by Roald Dahl… No!

It turns out he’s a smart developer who has a new plugin which makes Pods and Beaver Themer work jolly well together and he’s been busy helping Beaver Builder users to “Podsify” their Beaver Builder.

This is a great episode for those who, like us, are struggling to find the best tools to use with Beaver Builder. Even if not I think you will find it hard not to be charmed by Bernhard and impressed by his thoughts

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Serious Warning for Beaver Themer users : You will be persuaded that you need to try Pods.

The Good Stuff:


WordPress Repository URL

Playlist with videos about Pods & Themer

Support pods


Compares most of the cpt/field plugins

Closing cheesy music:
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News section:

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