41 – Andre Gagnon from Project Huddle

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In this episode we talk to Andre Gagnon from Project Huddle. Andre has been wrestling with the issue that we all face of trying to gain meaningful comments about static designs and website builds. Often, it’s tricky trying to communicate with clients because they are not able to use the language that we understand to make things clear, they use too many email threads, or they are not available when you need to get in touch with them.

If the process of giving feedback about a website is one-step removed from the actual website, then it’s hard to reconnect what the client meant when they say, “Can that bit near the top be bigger?” So what it you could get the clients to point to a specific part of the website and make a comment in the actual spot that they are wanting to alter? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well Andre’s WordPress plugin does just that. Clients login, find the area that the want to amend and click on the screen. They pin their comment to the area in question and you get notified that new comments are awaiting. It’s great, and beats what I’m doing at the moment!

Andre discusses how he came to create Project Huddle and how it’s evolved over time. He chats about the other arm of his business too, his theme development over at Themeforest, and we see if he thinks if themes are here to stay or are a dying phenomenon in the face of the Page Builder onslaught!

It’s worth listening to the very end as he’s a really lovely guy with some great advice!

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There is no news this week as Nathan was on holiday! Actually, there was loads of news, it’s just that he was not reading it!

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