40 – Puneet Sahalot from the Power Pack addon for Beaver Builder


This is a good one. This week we’re able to offer one of you lucky folk a LIFETIME LICENSE for Power Pack, that’s $249 if you were to buy it right now. Go to 80323-wpbuilds.mystagingwebsite.com/contests/ to enter the competition, and then share your link to increase your chances of winning!

Not only that, but Puneet is also offering a 20% off coupon code for Power Pack until Monday 28th August 2017, so you’ll need to act fast! The coupon code is “WPBUILDS”.

Best Beaver Builder Add-ons

In today’s episode we talk to Puneet Sahalot. He is probably best known as the man behind Power Pack, a Beaver Builder addon pack over at wpbeaveraddons.com. We talk a little bit about what coming up next for PowerPack, but we also talk about two new products:

1. WooPack – which is a new Beaver Builder addon pack designed specifically for WooCommerce. You knew that from the name only – didn’t you?. This will be coming to wpbeaveraddons.com and…

2. WPFomo – which is a social proof plugin that aims to improve sales and conversion. It presently integrates with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download. Give and MailChimp. Now, if you knew FOMO stands “fear of missing out” you are way ahead of us.

Punnet, of course, does not do this alone his company Idea Box Creations are eight people strong (and growing it seems). They build products, website as since last year have taken the lead on running WordCamp in their stunningly beautiful home city of Udaipur in India.

News section:

Can digital nomads earn as much as “regular” freelancers?

Gravity Forms Stop Entries Plugin Aims to Help Sites Comply with the EU’s GDPR

WordPress.org to Add New Page Educating Users on Benefits of Upgrading PHP

Chrome Version 62 to Show Security Warnings on HTTP Pages Starting in October 2017

If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)

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