93 – What makes a successful proposal with Adam Hempenstall

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Interview – Do higher prices mean better clients? – [4:34]

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With our guest: Adam Hempenstall

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I’m not that keen on writing. It’s one of the things that we all have to do, but it’s not my greatest strength as you can tell if you are reading this.

What I dislike more than just writing though is writing proposals for prospective clients. I don’t like it because I’m not very good at getting my points across all that succinctly and I find it hard to get into the ‘style’ that I need to adopt to make it have a fighting chance of being read and accepted.

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Well, don’t you love living in the age of the internet where there is an online service for just about everything that you could possibly need in life? Adam Hempenstall discovered that there were people like me all over the planet; people who needed to hand writing their proposals. He built a service called Better Proposals which is on a mission to make winners of the proposals that you send out, make them easy to create and look really beautiful. Nice one Adam.

We don’t spend a great deal of time talking about Better Proposals itself, rather, we talk about the bits and pieces that make a successful proposal. Things like when should you send it, what kind of language should you use and is there a recommended way that you order the content that you want the prospect to read?

Turns out that if you have a thriving business built on the premise of sending out heaps and heaps of proposals, you can aggregate all that data and come up with some really solid ‘best’ ways of writing your proposals.

Just to be clear, you do not need to have a Better Proposals account to do all of this. You can roll your own solution with the existing stack of software that you have – it will all work. Sure, using Better Proposals is going to save you a whole heap of work doing things the ‘right’ way, but it’s not essential.

Specifically we touch on the following topics: how to speed up proposal writing, what makes a high converting proposal, the future of proposal writing and some simple tricks to win more business.

If your proposals are a little bit weak and you’re missing out on winning new clients, this episode is a great one to listen to.

And remember we have a webinar with Adam on the 27th September 2018 which you can find out about here: wpbuilds.com/webinars/

Great episode – go check it out.

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