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93 – What makes a successful proposal with Adam Hempenstall

93 - What makes a successful proposal with Adam Hempenstall

I’m not that keen on writing. It’s one of the things that we all have to do, but it’s not my greatest strength as you can tell if you are reading this. What I dislike more than just writing though is writing proposals for prospective clients. I don’t like it because I’m not very good at getting my points across all that succinctly and I find it hard to get into the ‘style’ that I need to adopt to make it have a fighting chance of being read and accepted. Well, don’t you love living in the age of the internet where there is an online service for just about everything that you could possibly need in life? Adam Hempenstall discovered that there were people like me all over the planet; people who needed to hand writing their proposals.

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87 – Could Plutio be your all in one business software?

87 - Could Plutio be your all in one business software?

If you listen to this podcast with any regularity then you’ll know that I’m (Nathan) a sucker for a new app. Mostly I hear about a new app, signup for a trial and play with it for a few days. Sometimes, although rarely, I continue to use the app and pay for it. Such is the case with Plutio. It’s a SaaS app that I’ve been using for a few months now because I just like it so much. I also like the founder, Leo Bassam, the guest on this week’s podcast. I like the app because it replaces quite a few apps that I was using in the past, and I like Leo because he’s just so positive about Plutio. The app does tasks, invoices, proposals, timesheets, client management and more. Go check it out…

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39 – Adam Hempenstall from Better Proposals

Adam Hempenstall from Better Proposals

In this episode we interview Adam Hempenstall from, a company on a mission to make the dull job of writing proposal for your client work as painless as possible. We’ve all been there, you’ve had the client meeting, then you get back to the office to discover that you’ve lost your mojo, because you have to write that proposal and the blank page just kills your will to live! This can help!

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