87 – Could Plutio be your all in one business software?

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Discussion – Does your client need a blog? – [3:19]

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Interview – Could Plutio be your all in one business software? – [16:11]

Ending Fact – Half of small businesses spend NOWT on SEO! – [41:55]

If you listen to this podcast with any regularity then you’ll know that I’m (Nathan) a sucker for a new app. Mostly I hear about a new app, signup for a trial and play with it for a few days. Sometimes, although rarely, I continue to use the app and pay for it.

Such is the case with Plutio. It’s a SaaS app that I’ve been using for a few months now because I just like it so much. I also like the founder, Leo Bassam, the guest on this week’s podcast.

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I like the app because it replaces quite a few apps that I was using in the past, and I like Leo because he’s just so positive about Plutio.

Plutio does tasks, invoices, proposals, timesheets, client management and more. On top of that it’s a got a great UI that really appeals to my personal sensibilities!

Since we recorded the podcast Plutio has undergone a few updates which are certainly worth mentioning. You can add proposals for your clients to inspect and accept and you can whitelabel the entire app. If you do this you will be able to use a custom domain and choose the colour scheme and logos. In fact if you go down the route of white labelling, there is not a mention anywhere in the app that it’s anything other than your own software creation – nice and professional looking!

We find out why Leo decided to launch a SaaS app into such a crowded market, after all apps which do aspects of what Plutio can do are a dime a dozen aren’t they? He also gets a little geeky, explaining the all important stack of technology that underpins the app. I think that this stuff is quite important as I want to know that an app that I’m placing so much trust in is going to be available to me 24-7.

If, having listened to this episode, you’d like to give Plutio a whirl, you can get yourself a free 14 day trial and take it for a spin.

I challenge anyone not to be impressed with what Leo has done with Plutio in such a short space of time.

Mentioned in this episode:

Half of small businesses spend NOWT on SEO!


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