124 – How do we put our prices up?

How do we put our prices up? - WP Builds WordPress podcast

In this episode David and I talk about the subject of pricing and in particular the thorny subject of putting prices up. We get started with a chat about what systems we use to actually receive payments from clients, PayPal, Stripe and good old fashioned bank transfers. We then move on to discuss what we’ve done in the past to up our rates. It turns out that maybe we need your help with this as there are so many areas where we’re not sure what to do…

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87 – Could Plutio be your all in one business software?

87 - Could Plutio be your all in one business software?

If you listen to this podcast with any regularity then you’ll know that I’m (Nathan) a sucker for a new app. Mostly I hear about a new app, signup for a trial and play with it for a few days. Sometimes, although rarely, I continue to use the app and pay for it. Such is the case with Plutio. It’s a SaaS app that I’ve been using for a few months now because I just like it so much. I also like the founder, Leo Bassam, the guest on this week’s podcast. I like the app because it replaces quite a few apps that I was using in the past, and I like Leo because he’s just so positive about Plutio. The app does tasks, invoices, proposals, timesheets, client management and more. Go check it out…

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