95 – What we do when a client asks for something we’ve never done before

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Discussion – What we do when a client asks for something we’ve never done before – [3:40]

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Just to say that we’re brewing up a really, honestly, huge Giveaway to celebrate the WP Builds podcast reaching episode 100 in a few weeks time. Might I suggest that you keep coming back and seeing if there’s anything updated as this is really not something that you’re going to want to miss.

Speaking of something that you’re not going to want to miss… the exact opposite could be said of this week’s podcast. It’s a return to the ‘good old days’ in which David and myself just used to drone on and on! We decided that we had not done nearly enough droning recently, and so… I give you episode 95!

We go over our thoughts about how we cope when a client asks us to do something that is completely new to us. I’m guessing that we’ve all been in that meeting, or been on that call when you realise that the client is asking for something that you don’t know that you can pull out of that WordPress hat that you’ve been wearing.

Perhaps it’s something that you know can be done, but you know that you’re not able to do it. Or maybe it’s something that you simply cannot understand and don’t even know where to start. Whatever the case, you’ve got to make some decisions about how you’re going to handle this so that you come out on top.

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Are you the sort of person that knows what their limits are and just says no, or are you more the kind of individual that thinks you can get to grips with anything so long as you have the time and they have the budget? Even worse, are you the kind of person that simply cannot admit that you (the expert) might not be able to do all-the-WordPress-things and so say yes to everything with enormous confidence and only realise your folly at a later date?

As always, David and I serve up just about no answers whatsoever, but at least we’re honest! We have honestly been here though and sometimes just hearing how other people approach things might give you a new direction – certainly you’ll not want to follow our ‘advice’ as that road only leads to more hurt!

Please bear with us and let us know in the comments here, or better yet in the WP Builds Facebook group, what you think of our ideas and the new direction that the podcast has taken. Do you like the shorter episodes, or would you like the longer ones back?

Thanks for listening once again, your support is most appreciated – honestly!

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