WP Builds Newsletter #31 – Gutenberg Cloud, WPForms buys forms plugin and robots on asteriods

WP Builds Newsletter #31 – Gutenberg Cloud, WPForms buys forms plugin and robots on asteriods

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 17th September 2018:

Gutenberg Cloud: A Cross-Platform Community Library for Custom Gutenberg Blocks
"During their presentation at Drupal Europe, the Frontkom team behind the Drupal Gutenberg project announced that they are working on a block management system called Gutenberg Cloud, a collective library of blocks online. The library will offer a content repository for custom Gutenberg blocks, such as forms, a call-to-action section, product grid, or even a web component. Since the blocks are JavaScript-only, they would work across both Drupal and WordPress alike, so developers can build for both platforms simultaneously…"

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Starting WordPress sites on SiteGround Just Got Easier
"You can build just about anything using WordPress. With thousands of themes and plugins, anyone can access the features and functionalities they need to achieve their goals. But for a person just starting out, all the options can be overwhelming. Rather than be a source of inspiration, the choices can become a blocker to launching that brand new site. To solve this problem, we've developed a WordPress Starter plugin that takes the confusion out of building a new WordPress site…"

WPForms Acquires Pirate Forms, Plugin to be Retired
"WPForms has acquired Pirate Forms, a popular WordPress contact form and SMTP plugin originally created by ThemeIsle in 2015. The announcement coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day but the pirate branding of the plugin is set to be retired and its users will be given the option to migrate to WPForms…"

WooCommerce 3.5 Beta is here!
"3.5 is the last minor release this year. Being a minor release, all new functionality should exist in a backwards-compatible manner. Updating from any version since 3.0 should be hassle free…"

ACF 5.0 Release
"The long awaited and highly anticipated major version is now available! Version 5 contains improvements across the board to performance, functionality and usability…"

Yoast SEO 8.2 Adds How-To and FAQ Gutenberg Blocks with Structured Data
"Yoast SEO 8.2 was released last week with the plugin’s first tools designed specifically for Gutenberg. It includes two new How-To and FAQ structured data content blocks for early adopters of the new editor. Structured data is content that can be marked up with a shared vocabulary, such as the one provided by Schema.org. Content like products, books, reviews, podcasts, events, and recipes lend themselves well to this specific type of organization…"

New commonWP Plugin Enables WordPress Sites to Use the Free jsDelivr CDN
"Milan Dinić, a WordPress developer based in Serbia, has released his commonWP plugin that enables WordPress sites to use the free, public jsDelivr CDN. Last year jsDelivr was revamped to allow any file from GitHub and npm to be served by the CDN. WordPress’ mirror on GitHub made it possible for Dinić to create a plugin that works with the CDN…"

Gutenstats Blog Is Live, Tracking Gutenberg Beta Testing Data
"Matt Mullenweg tweeted out a link to Gutenstats.blog this evening, a new site dedicated to tracking Gutenberg beta testing data. The site shows there are currently more than 420,000 active installations of Gutenberg, a slightly more precise number than reported on the WordPress.org plugin page (400K+)…"

View Edits Since Last WordPress Backup in BackupBuddy
"The latest version of BackupBuddy just added more helpful details to the BackupBuddy dashboard widget about your WordPress backups. Now you can view details of any edits made to your website since your last backup…"

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

Mobile Shopping Now Accounts for Over 50% of Online Transactions
"Mobile transactions now represent more than 50 percent of online transactions in many countries, according to Criteo’s Global Commerce Review for Q2 of 2018. The report analyzes shoppers’ activities, behaviors, and preferences across all devices and browsing environments, using data from over 5,000 retailers, in more than 80 countries…"

Hayabusa-2: Japan hopes for historic asteroid landing
"Japan's space agency (JAXA) believes it has successfully landed two robotic explorers on the surface of an asteroid, making history…"

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