94 – How to use WP Ultimo to create your own Multisite network with Arindo Duque

94 – How to use WP Ultimo to create your own Multisite network with Arindo Duque

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Interview – How to use WP Ultimo to create your own Multisite network with Arindo Duque – [4:56]

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With our guest: Arindo Duque

WEBINAR: with Arindo Duque coming up TODAY (the day that this podcast went live)… wpbuilds.com/webinars/

I’ve often pondered the idea of setting up some kind of SaaS product, something that I could build and then turn it over to the public and they would be able to purchase it from me on a monthly basis. I think that when people do this with WordPress it’s called WaaS. Is that right?

Well, one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was to set up a system where clients could sign up to a monthly / annual website plan, pick a theme that they liked, pay and it would all be automated – done for them (and me) as if by magic.

Arindo Duque has built such a thing and, honestly, it’s a little gem that you ought to explore if this idea has ever tempted you too.

Page Builder Summit 5.0, 20th-24th Feb 2023

It’s called WP Ultimo and it’s the best thing that I’ve seen in the WordPress for doing this. WP Ultimo uses the native WordPress feature which you all know about – Multisite. This is the ability of WordPress to have many autonomous websites all working from the same files and database; many sites from one site.

This capability has been around for years and years, but the missing piece of the puzzle has been the ability to allow your clients to have a simple system of signing up, paying, selecting themes, mapping their own domains etc. There are a whole heap of plugins that do aspects of this, some of them better than others. What I like about WP Ultimo though is that Arindo has taken all of this complexity into just one plugin that you can have up and running in minutes.

The plugin UI is simple to understand, the options that you have available to you are very comprehensive and the client facing UI is great too – a great looking pricing table and heaps of options to add your own branding so that it all looks ‘legit’.

There’s loads in this plugin to like, but one of the best things is that, at the time of writing, WP Ultimo is available for a very reasonable lifetime price. I don’t think that this is going to be staying around for too long so go get it whilst you can!

If you have needs greater than the functionality of the plugin, there are a few add-ons that you can purchase which add additional capabilities, such as MailChimp integration, WooCommerce, an affiliate system. This could take your platform to a whole new level and make this even more fun to play with.

I’m thinking very carefully about deploying a WP Ultimo network of my own, so beguiled am I by what this plugin can do.

Go check it out!

In the WP Ultimo Webinar today (20th September 2018) we will go over this in more detail, so why don’t you join us.

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