66 – How to “Bad Ass Your Brand” with Pia Silva

66 – How to “Bad Ass Your Brand” with Pia Silva

In this episode:

Discussion – How involved should we be with DNS records? – [2:33]

AB Split Test plugin - the fastest way to create split tests in WordPress

Interview – How to “Bad Ass Your Brand” with Pia Silva – [25:38]




Ending Fact – FOSS – Free Open-Source Software – [50:10]

In this episode of the WP Builds podcast we chat to Pia Silva from badassyourbrand.com.

She’s a New Yorker with a whole load of energy and is a lady on a mission to “Bad Ass Your Brand”. It’s the title of her book as well as her philosophy to create a brand for your company that will enable you to find clients that you really want to work with.

It’s definitely not about just growing your agency; more staff, more contracts more… everything. It’s about cutting things out of your business and making it very specifically the place that you want to work. It’s about trying to do less work, to get paid more and have a little more time off.

In order to do this, you need to really learn what it is that you desire and are great at. You need to know what success means to you, and to pursue that above all other things.

She’ll take you on an exploratory journey to find out what all this means. In short, it’s what you love, what’s profitable and it’s about being able to say “no”!

We’re not saying “no” to all people, just the people who you know deep down, you’re not going to work well with, and committing 100% to those that you do choose to work with. It’s a long game.

In the podcast Pia mentioned that you could find out more about “Brand Shrink” and get a copy of the first chapter of her book here: badassyourbrand.com/wpbuilds.

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Nathan Wrigley

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