67 – Is being a digital nomad as fun as it appears to be with Clark Marshall

67 – Is being a digital nomad as fun as it appears to be with Clark Marshall

In this episode:

Discussion – Should you explore new themes all the time or settle on one and love it? – [2:52]

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Interview – Is being a digital nomad as fun as it appears to be with Clark Marshall – [23:24]

Ending Fact – 15 minutes to consume beautiful content – [1:03:30]

Two for the price of one! That’s what this episode feels like, because not only do I get to interview Clark Marshall from Blue Dog Digital, but I also get to interview our very own David Waumsley, AT THE SAME TIME! I know… take a cold shower because the excitement is almost unbearable!

The reason that we have them both on the show is that both Clark and David have made some very important decisions about how they would like their lives to pan out. They decided to become ‘Digital Nomads’. This, to me, evokes thoughts of great pioneers; people who are brave enough to reject the 9-to-5 lifestyles that most of us moan about, but put up with.

No mortgages for Clark and David! Oh no, they’ve traded that stability, that normality, for a life on the road, a life in which you stay a few days in one place and then move on to the next. The kind of work that we do building WordPress web sites means that all of this is possible and the benefits are concrete.

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However, is it all wild and fun? Do they only work a few minutes each day and spend the rest of the day exploring beaches and temples? Well, the short answer is no! Turns out that there is no less to to running a business out of your rucksack than if you were in your office. You still have to generate leads, build the sites, communicate with clients and (no!) pay your taxes!

Clark and David explain how they came to become Digital Nomads and the challenges that they face on a day to day basis, and surprisingly it’s not poor quality internet. The most important lessons are around the processes that they’ve built to allow this to happen without them being there 100% of the time.

If like me, you’re firmly ensconced in your life and your city, this is a interesting take on what your chosen career ‘could’ allow you to do if you have the nerve.

Do you?

Nathan Wrigley

Nathan Wrigley

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