51 – What’s your design process?

51 – What’s your design process?

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In this episode we talk a lot at the beginning about the fact that we’re going to be making some changes to the podcast over the coming weeks. We’re going to be shifting the format around to see if something fresh is better or worse! I hope that it’s going to be good from next week, but if it’s rubbish, please let us know!

We also have a main topic too! We talk about what processes we follow when we work. This is off the back of a comment from Adrian Monjes who is at monjesmedia.com. He wanted to know, in the light of all the tools that we have available to us these days, what we do / use to get a site from proposal to completion.

Now, we’re not saying that you should follow what we do, as we know that it’s likely hopeless, but we’re telling you anyway so that you can tear us down and make us feel inadequate!

We discuss client meetings, Agile, wireframing, moodboarding, card sorting, user testing and then we get onto the stuff that we actually do, which is wing it – sometimes!

It’s always fun to talk with each other and I hope that there is some value in this for you, although I doubt that there is!

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Nathan Wrigley

Nathan Wrigley

Nathan writes posts and creates audio about WordPress on WP Builds. He can also be found in the WP Builds Facebook group.

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