263 – Agreements / contracts and payments – Series 1 / Episode 4

Agreements / contract and payment - Series 1 / Episode 4 - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #263

Welcome to another in our Business Bootcamp series. It’s the series where we relearn everything we know about building WordPress sites, and running a web design business from start to finish. Today we’re thinking about the legal side of things… agreements / contracts and payments. How would you handle this as someone new to the industry. Do you even need a contract? Perhaps you’re starting out and making a website for a friend, in which case the situation might be different, but do you owe it to yourself to protect you and your business from things which might go wrong… late payment / no payment, absent client who never returns your calls, a client who is simply unreasonable in their expectations of your time. It’s really only after you’ve been doing this for a while that you might start to realise that some form of legal protection is a good idea, but where do you go to get that? You could try a lawyer, but that might be expensive. You could make something up, but that might not really protect you. You could download something from the internet, but that might not cover all the things that you need covering. So many things! Fins out what we’ve done in the past, the mistakes that we’ve made and where you might find some useful resources. Go check out the podcast…

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167 – How I use Agile and WordPress to launch a minimal viable product with Marius Vetrici

How I use Agile and WordPress to launch a minimal viable product with Marius Vetrici - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

Today we stray into waters that we don’t often swim in. We’re talking about Agile development and launching a Minimal Viable Product, and the person I’m talking to is Marius Vetrici. Marius is a WordPress developer and runs an agency of twelve people… so he’s got to have all his processes in place to ensure that his business is profitable and that his clients are happy. This discussion centres around a long post that Marius wrote entitles “Agile WordPress Development: How To Maximize The ROI Of Your MVP Website”. In that post we learn that Marius had to learn to have processes in place because of a $200,000 project that just got out of hand. The product that he launched did not have the research done properly before the work started, and as such there was no real understanding of exactly what it was that they were trying to build. We talk about structuring work into sprints, how these sprints map to goals and how WordPress is the perfect tool to do all of this with minimal time and cost. Honestly… really interesting.

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51 – What’s your design process?

What's your design process?

In this episode we talk a lot at the beginning about the fact that we’re going to be making some changes to the podcast over the coming weeks. We also talk about what processes we follow when we work. In the light of all the tools that we have available to us these days, what we do / use to get a site from proposal to completion. Now, we’re not saying that you should follow what we do, as we know that it’s likely hopeless, but we’re telling you anyway so that you can tear us down and make us feel inadequate!

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