The Website Owners Manual and how to use it with Kyle Van Deusen

The Website Owners Manual and how to use it with Kyle Van Deusen

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Today we have Kyle Van Deusen on as a WP Builds ‘Contribute’ guest.

Kyle and Matt are hosts of The Admin Bar, and they’ve come up with something that you really ought to take a look at.

You know when you hand over a site to a client and you try to persuade them that opting into your recurring care plan is a good idea? Well sometimes that conversation is hard to have. Perhaps they just don’t see the need, they think that WordPress is going to be easy to manage and that their WordPress website is a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing!

The Website Owners Manual” is the perfect foil for your clients objections. It spells out exactly what their website contains, how it needs updating and what they need to do to maintain it and keep it secure. Kyle says that when clients see the amount of work that’s involved, non-technical users might think twice about taking this on themselves.

It’s kind of like a low pressure way of saying… ‘we’re here for you’, ‘we’ve got your back’.

It contains email sequences that you can deploy when clients object as well as ones for trying to onboard clients who have gone quiet on you.

It’s a great idea and I wish that I’d had it. It’s $15 right now (25th September 2019) if you use the code “wpbuilds” at the checkout. The coupon is worth 20%.


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