99 – Help your clients to help you with a Client Portal – Laura Elizabeth explains

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Discussion – Help your clients to help you with a Client Portal – Laura Elizabeth explains – [5:25]

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With our interview guest: Laura Elizabeth

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Today, we get to meet Laura Elizabeth. She’s a designer turned plugin creator that has some good ideas for you!

Like I say, she’s a designer and her latest product, Client Portal, is a great way to help you and your clients to stay on the same page.

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If you build WordPress websites for clients, then I think that you’ll know this problem… you get out of sync with your clients and all the communication seems to go all over the place. Some people want you to send them email, others would rather that you use Slack or Dropbox or Google Drive or some other system that you’ve never heard of!

The long and the short of it is that you’ve got many clients all needing you to communicate with them in a variety of ways. Now, you’re a clever person and understand technology, so this is not insurmountable for you, but it’s a real drain on your time and something that you’d far rather avoid! What you need is a “Client Portal” that keeps all of the stuff that you need to share with your clients in one place; a place that is simple to set up and easy for all of you to understand and work with.

Having played with the plugin a little bit, what I like most of all is the simplicity of it. Now, I’m all for a thousand options, because sometimes, that’s what you want, but in this case the fact that the whole system is not bogged down with options means that you can make it whatever you like. I know that this sounds odd, but I found it really refreshing that the options were left open, so that I could make each part whatever I wanted.

What this means is that you can let your client keep using Dropbox and Google Drive, that’s fine, but you can keep all of that stuff in your own portal – if you can link to it, you can add it to the portal! Simple.

You get the ability to show that there are tasks that have not been undertaken yet (they’re greyed out) as well as ones that have been completed (they all have a tick next to them). Your client would literally have to try really, really hard not to understand what you’ve done and what you’re going to do next.

Honestly, I’m not doing it all that much justice! I think that the best thing that you could do would be to head over to the Client Portal Website and click on the “checkout a live demo” button and you’ll see what I’m on about! A website speaks a thousand words and all that!

We also discuss another project that Laura has been working on… Design Academy. It’s her video course to help people like me (who has the design skills of a cushion) to raise their game and learn the process of creating something that looks beautiful and of understanding ‘why’ it looks beautiful!

So many clever people. The WordPress space is just great isn’t it?

Go check it out!

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Design Academy

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