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333 – No one cares what your website looks like!

"No one cares what your website looks like!" - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #333
It is the 11th episode of our “Thinking the Unthinkable” series, and today's thought provoking title is “No one cares what your website looks like!”. There’s a number of articles with this title and similar sentiment expressed by many UX designers and SEO’s. With limited ways to judge the abilities of a web agency, many clients are likely to approach websites as if they were a piece of work in an art gallery. This can see them getting ripped off. It is hard for us not to do the same. We know first impressions matter, and we are always searching for visual inspiration too. We get into how UX, SEO, branding, call to actions (and more) can influence the route that you might take when creating a website. Check out the episode...

309 – Traditional v Agile

Traditional v agile - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #309
Welcome to the penultimate episode in our Business Bootcamp series. Usually, this is where I write... "where we relearn everything we know about building WordPress sites and running a web design business from start to finish". But if you are joining us now, you probably need to go back a year to season one! We are on Season 5, which is the last in this Bootcamp series and is about what happens after the website build. This is episode 5. Today we are talking about Future Proofing (our tech based business and maybe our clients’ sites). We're supposed to be talking about Traditional (Waterfall) v Agile, but as you'll hear we get slightly derailed and go off piste for quite a bit of the podcast, which is fun! We cover: Reduce or embrace dependencies? Should we offer long term support? What kind of efforts do we put into making sure that we're keeping our knowledge and skills up to date? Check it out...

307 – Upselling services

Upselling services - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #307
So you're in the business of selling WordPress websites? If you are in that business, then I can guarantee you that there's more money to be made than just getting the site done and then moving on. Today it's all about the upsells that we might offer. We go through a list of things that we've tried in the past, some of which were profitable and easy to do, others of which were hard and lost us money. It's a lottery to be honest! Things that one person excels at, others might be loathed to do. Website hosting, email hosting, design, custom development, social media, content creation, SEO, optimisation... I could go on. In fact, I (we) do in the episode today. Have a listen and then head over to the post and leave us a comment.

280 – Need some design inspiration? Try Extendify’s pattern collection

Need some design inspiration? Try Extendify's pattern collection - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #280
So you've tried Gutenberg, and you might like to or you might not! But one thing that you cannot really argue about is that it's got some room for improvement. During the last few release cycles there's been more and more talk about block patterns and how they're going to make WordPress website building more straightforward. Block patterns are a collection of blocks that have been built and saved away for future use. So think about a typical use case, you have a hero section of your website that you might use over and over again. You build it one time, adding in a variety of blocks, and once you're happy, you save it and then later you can add it into any other part of your website with the click of a button. But here's the problem. The block editor is still a little but, how shall we say it... fun to use. It's got some quirks and you might not find it as easy as you'd wish to get pixel perfect patterns. Step in Extendify. They have a suite of pre-made block patterns which you can use. It's really all about making life simple. They're all built on top of WordPress Core blocks so there's no lock in and you can use them to learn how to build your own block patterns.

279 – Design Aesthetics

Design Aesthetics - WP Builds Podcast #279
Another episode of the WordPress Business Bootcamp where we try to go right back to the start and unpick the process of building sites for clients. Today we're on to the tricky subject of 'Design Aesthetics'! Aesthetics affect a brand's credibility and perception. The look and feel is probably the thing that first hit us first and is most important to our clients. But the problem is that aesthetics are subjective, there is no agreed way to deliver such things and we have to find some way to avoid design by committee (the client seeking outside parties) or the loudest voice winning without reference to the overall goals. So how we might do this is the subject of the podcast today. Remember that there's a dozen other episodes in this series prior to this, but we'd love to get your thoughts on this one... tell us where you get your inspiration and how you handle this with your clients.

269 – What does a web design process look like?

What does a web design process look like? - WP Builds Podcast #269
Welcome to another in the Business Bootcamp series where we relearn everything we know about building WordPress sites and running a web design business from start to finish. We're on Season 2, Episode 1, and it's all about what the whole web design / build process might look like. As is so often the case we're wearing many, many hats in the work that we do, and that's really what this episodes emphasises. How to we set the expectations, get the designs, understand the mood, decide upon sources of traffic, think about SEO, agree on colours and fonts. See, I told you you'd need many hats! We cover what we've done in the past and what we think might work for us going forward in our WordPress website businesses. Have a listen to the podcast...

230 – ‘K’ is for Killer Tips

'K' is for Killer Tips - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #230
In this episode of the podcast we asked you submit what you thought were some Killer Tips for creating your WordPress websites, and you did not disappoint! So there's loads of useful little nuggets of information in here, many of them might be new to you. It never ceases to amaze me just how my processes differ from other people doing the exact same job, and how much I could learn from other WordPress professionals. Well in this episode of the podcast, we kinda make that possible! Go check it out!

194 – Static design v in-browser design

Static design v in-browser design #194 - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast
This week was debate whether it's better to design your WordPress websites with browser based tools like a Page Builder, or use dedicated apps like Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch. Years ago this question was completely absurd. Not only did the tools not exist, but there was almost no conception that the browser might even be capable of image manipulation on the scale that would be needed. Fast forward to today and the tools exist and are excellent. So should you just stay in the browser, educating your clients about WordPress along the way or stay with solutions which have stood the test of time? Find out what we think on the podcast today...

145 – Should we use templates more?

Should we use templates more? - WP Builds WordPress podcast
Times have changed... It used to be that creating websites was really tedious. It took hours to get anything to go where you wanted it. Along came WordPress themes and life got a little easier, well sometimes, and then we got Page Builders with their rows and modules. Now you can get templates for just about anything and can have sites built in a matter of hours, but should we do it this way? Should we be using other people's templates or should we be doing all this from the group up? Perhaps there is a middle way? Tweaking what you find so that the internet does not all look the same! Join us to find out what we think...

123 – Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona

123 - Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona - WP Builds WordPress podcast
Joe has been in the WordPress space for years and years. Working as a freelancer at the start, then as a member of a large agency. All of that is now behind him and he's got a whole heap of different things that he's doing. He's a podcaster, a creator of videos for himself and for third parties, but perhaps most importantly he's a creator of online courses in the WordPress space. If you want to find out why he's so successful then listen to this episode...

106 – With the right tools and guidance, anyone can design a great site with Mor Cohen

106 - With the right tools and guidance, anyone can design a great site with Mor Cohen
This week we have Mor Cohen on from Washington State in America and she's with us because she has a new course that she's launching called "The GeneratePress and Elementor Design Course". This course is designed for people like me, and when I say that it's unlikely that you need this course as much as I do because I have the design skills of a peanut! I can see what makes a design good, and I can appreciate a good design, but I cannot seem to be able to make a good design. That stuff is hard, or so I thought. Mor thinks otherwise!

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