73 – Why Smart Slider 3 might make you think about using sliders all over again

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Discussion – How much for a website? – [3:31]

GoDaddy Pro

Interview – Why Smart Slider 3 might make you think about using sliders all over again – [25:04]

Ending Fact – Google Chrome blocking ads – [47:53]

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Okay, let’s get on with the main event – the podcast! This week we have Daniel David on the show talking about his plugin, Smart Slider 3.

If you have not used a slider on any of your WordPress website projects, then it might be time to have another look, because, these things are pretty amazing these days. Smart Slider 3 does not just slide things in from one side of the screen to the other in fun ways, oh my goodness no, it does a whole lot more than that!

Smart Slider 3 is a drag and drop slider builder that you can use in many, many ways; some of them unexpectedly cool. Think Page Builder for only sliders!

Some of the things that the plugin does are hard to explain in an audio podcast, but we do our best. However, you might want to go and check out this Smart Slider 3 YouTube video for a more detailed look at what it can do!

You can quickly and easily and layer after layer to the slides and with “falling off a log” simplicity get those layers to do anything that you like. The UI is really feature rich and you’ll be able to create some great designs in just a few clicks.

We find out about the plugin, how it came to be and what they have planned for the future.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but WP Builds have teamed up with Smart Slider 3 to offer 3 licenses. If you head over to our Giveaway page you can find the entry form there (until 9th May 2018).

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