WP Builds Newsletter #10 – SEO tweaks, Toolset pricing and a new browser from Opera

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 23rd April 2018:

WordPress for iOS and Gutenberg Don’t Get Along
If you’re thinking of creating content in Gutenberg and editing it on the move with the WordPress iOS app, you might want to take a look at this article which shows that it might well create more work! It seems to render the content differently upon each save than perhaps you intended.

Beaver Builder 2.1 “Redridge” – Inline editing, Gutenberg support, and more
Beaver Builder version 2.1 is now out and offers inline editing, support for Gutenberg and a whole bunch of other goodies. This article explains how they’re preparing for the future and some of the additions that they’ve added over the last few months.

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Milestones – The Story of WordPress
If you fancy learning about the history of WordPress then this free book at the wordpress.org website might be just the thing for you. It explains why certain things have come to be, and gives you a really interesting overview of the whole WordPress Project.

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Are you on HTTP/2 yet?
Way back in the good old days of the internet people like Tim Berners-Lee invented protocols like HTTP. Well, that’s been around for a long time, 18 or more years in fact, and it might need a bit of an update! Primarily HTTP/2 to aims to solve the problems of speed on the internet by allowing things like simultaneous connections to servers. This article explains why you might want to take a look at HTTP/2.

Why We’re not Going to Offer any More Lifetime Accounts for Toolset
If you’re a user of the Toolset plugin then you may be interested to know that Toolset is now no longer available for a one-time lifetime fee. They’ve switched to an annual pricing model and this article explains why they’ve done that.

Is that plugin reliable? How to test WordPress plugins
If you’re new to WordPress then it’s quite likely that you’ll be feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of plugins available. This article explains some of the things that you might like to check out before installing plugins to ensure that they are reliable and safe. It also covers issues such as credibility and where you should go to find new plugins.

We studied long meta descriptions, here are our findings
Google recently updated their search algorithm to change the length of meta descriptions from 160 to 320 characters. This meant that SEO professionals were suddenly scratching their heads and thinking, do I need to create longer meta descriptions? Read this article to find out the answer…

Keep clients engaged for the long haul using client reports
Do you send report to your clients on a weekly or monthly basis? If you don’t, perhaps you should take a look at this article to see some of the compelling reasons why this might be a good idea.

Ad Blocking Detector for WordPress
Perhaps you’ve got a client who relies heavily upon advertising to monetize their website? It might be important for them to understand if people are using ad-blocker extensions in their browser. This article explains how you might be able to detect ad-blockers with a WordPress plugin.

How to Compare the Features of WordPress Security Plugins (and Services)
This long article by WP Shout explains the types of things you should be looking for when you’re in the market for a WordPress security plugin. There are so many things to be mindful of that it’s nice just to have all the ideas written down on one page.

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

Google Wants to Make Audio Content Searchable
If, like me, you create audio content, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Google is starting down the road of indexing words spoken in your audio. I’m not exactly clear how this is going to work yet but, it’s great to think that people will be able to search against things that you’ve said, and not just the things that you wrote.

How to Manage Client Expectations for Project Success
Knowing how to manage client expectations on a project is key to a project’s success. Communication is vital to every project that you are involved with and once you fully understand this and implement ways to achieving this, it will lead to smoother projects which will stay on track and meet, and often exceed, expectations.

MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency advised by the creator of Signal, just raised $30M for mobile payments
A new privacy-centric cryptocurrency project with some big names on board just raised a round worth noting. On Tuesday, the team at MobileCoin announced that Binance Labs, the major blockchain incubator associated with the Binance  exchange, led a $30 million round denominated in bitcoin and ether for the new cryptocurrency. MobileCoin will enjoy “priority consideration” for being listed on Binance as part of the relationship.

Opera launches a new mobile browser
Opera today announced a new mobile browser, Opera Touch, that shows that there’s still plenty of room for a competitor in the mobile browsing world. Opera Touch takes some ideas from the company’s experimental Opera Neon desktop browser and packages it into a highly usable package for Android, with an iOS version coming soon.

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