300 – Rethink what WooCommerce Subscriptions can do with the Subscription Force plugin

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #300

It’s no secret that the world is adopting the model of subscription pricing. If you’re my age, then you remember a time when almost nothing was based upon subscriptions. The technology simply made it impractical; there were no credit cards, the internet did not exist, and you just didn’t see examples around you. Fast forward (a few decades!), and now they’re everywhere. The banking / payments systems have all been built to make this trivial to set up and deploy to the entire world over the internet. WooCommerce has a plugin called WooCommerce Subscriptions which will allow you to get started, but it’s limited in what it can do. Enter Subscription Force, a new WordPress plugin which will put your subscriptions on a different level. You can do so much with this, truly. Today we interview Marius Vetrici and Andrei Haret, who are behind Subscription Force to hear what it’s all about and how it works.

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299 – When the client turns web designer (although we hardly talk about that)

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #299

With all these no code options, do you find your clients are becoming experts and no longer needing you? We try (and fail) to talk about this today and end up going on about JAMStack instead! It’s a serious point though. Page Builders and Gutenberg have opened up the website creation process to a whole new audience, and it brings into question what we do as WordPress web developers / builders that make us worthwhile. What can you say to the client to make you seem like value for money in a time when ‘affordability’ is more important than ever, and when many of the tasks that used to be ‘out of scope’ for non-technical users, is not possible in an easy-to-use interface? Go listen…

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298 – Make your website voice enabled, with Convoworks

Make your website voice enabled, with Convoworks - WP Builds Podcast #298

So voice enabled home are now a thing. It’s pretty likely that if you don’t have a voice enabled device now, you will at some point in the near future. You speak, and they respond. It’s pretty cool. But you might have noticed that there are limits to what they can do, and there are ways you learn to speak to these devices to get the best out of them. It’s a bit like how you use Google. You don’t type in ordinary language; you use Google specific language. What if it were possible to have the capabilities that voice enabled devices bring to the internet to a WordPress website? That would be cool, right? It would be, but the downside is that it’s really rather hard to make all of this work, and that’s where Convoworks steps in. They’ve got a GUI to make the job of doing all of this as easy as possible. Tihomir Dmitrović is on the podcast today to explain how it works, when you might use it and how it can benefit your website. Check it out.

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297 – Dealing with changing staff and new management

Dealing with changing staff and new management - WP Builds Podcast #297

What happens when your client suddenly has new staff members that you need to interact with? It might be a really smooth transition with nothing to worry about, but it might not. Old relationships may need to be rebuilt, and common understandings and goals about the website might need to be reworked. It’s even possible that your communications were not written down and you suddenly need to think about the entire project once more with new staff. What if you just don’t get along? What can you do then to ensure that you don’t lose the client? What can you do to keep things working for you both? We have some ideas for you on the podcast today. Go listen…

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296 – Gutenberg, FSE, Block Themes (Variants), Blocks, Rich Tabor on the whole lot

Gutenberg, FSE, Block Themes (Variants), Blocks, Rich Tabor on the whole lot - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #296

So if you’ve kept up with the latest developments in WordPress then you’ll have heard the words / phrases ‘Gutenberg’, ‘FSE’, ‘Block Themes’, ‘Blocks’ and a lot more. You’ll also likely have heard of our guest on the podcast today, Rich Tabor. He’s been in the WordPress space for many years working in the theme space, but now he’s shifted over to all the ‘new things’, and is making waves. He’s got some monumental projects on the go (see the links on the WP Builds post for this episode), and is on the podcast today to talk about where WordPress is at right now and what he’s hoping for in the future. It’s a lovely interview with a very thoughtful guest, and if you’re trying out the ‘new WordPress things’, or are just looking for a reason why you should, then this episode is for you!

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