285 – Performance testing during the build

Performance testing during the build - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #285

Welcome to another in the Business Bootcamp series where we relearn everything we know about building WP sites and running a web design business from start to finish.  We are on the third episode of Season 3 where we are looking at The Technical Build. And today we are discussing ‘Performance testing during the build’. Here we are primarily thinking about front and back end technical performance, but we will also touch on things related to the design technical issues too. So what things do we do to test performance and what tools have we come across to help with this vital job. Find out by listening to the podcast.

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284 – Strattic and Elementor talk about the recent acquisition

Strattic and Elementor talk about the recent acquisition - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #284

So I’m going to keep this brief, as this podcast was a little bit of a scoop, which we don’t often get! Last week it was announced that Elementor (the page builder) had bought Strattic (the headless hosting company). I thought that this was an interesting purchase and I wanted to know more. Very quickly I was able to get hold of the co-founder of Strattic, Miriam Schwab, and Amitai Gat, the product organisation lead at Elementor. This episode is all about this recent news. How did it come about? What’s in it for both parties? What happens next? It would be good to point out that the day after this episode was recorded, the news of Elementor laying off some employees broke, but as this had not yet happened, this is not covered. Go check out the podcast…

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283 – The web designer’s tech stack

The web designer’s tech stack - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #283

The web designer’s tech stack. We last talked about the website building platform we might use for this project. Here we are widening this and look at the basic essential hardware and software we might need to start our business. So it’s all the ‘stuff’ that you have around you, both physical objects like a computer and a phone, as well as the software that you might be using. When you get into it, it’s pretty amazing just how much stuff there is that you ‘need’. Way more than I thought. It’s also interesting what you don’t need; either because it’s not essential, or because it got replaced over time with something else. It’s a fun episode, and if any of the things that we discuss resonate with you, please leave a comment on the site…

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282 – Put dynamic content on your website with the If-So plugin

Put dynamic content on your website with the If-So plugin - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #282

DEAL ALERT – there’s a deal mentioned in the podcast – do NOT miss out on this one, as it’s truly fabulous, not only in what you get, but in the way that you get it! It’s running until 23rd June 2022. So this plugin (If-So) is such a powerhouse, I don’t even know where to start. It’s a WordPress plugin designed to allow you to create content on your site which will display based upon a whole heap of conditions. Wait… what does that even mean? I’m glad that you asked. Let’s say that it’s Christmas, and you want to show something additional during the run up to the holidays, you can do that with a date condition. What about an offer only available to Android users? That’s a device condition. A part of the site only visible to people who came from a specific website? That’s a referral condition. You set a condition and then you specify what ought to happen. Simple in principle, enormously powerful in reality. Josef Carmeli is on the podcast today to talk about what the plugin can do, how it can transform your website and how it’s perhaps the coolest thing that you’ve not yet tried.

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281 – Choosing our website building tools

Choosing our website building tools - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #281

So, we’ve made it to series three of the WordPress Business Bootcamp and this is perhaps a little more where the rubber meets the road. Now we’re going to be thinking about the tools that we use to build a website and keep it going for the client. We’re split the ‘tools’ topic up into two episodes. This weeks it’s all about WordPress and next week it’s all the other things that you need which are not related to WordPress. What WordPress tools do we need then, and does the way that we build our sites need to have anything to do with our clients, or is it just for our (the website builder) convenience. Listen to this episode to see what we’ve ended up with as our basic stack, and if you think that we’ve missed anything, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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280 – Need some design inspiration? Try Extendify’s pattern collection

Need some design inspiration? Try Extendify's pattern collection - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #280

So you’ve tried Gutenberg, and you might like to or you might not! But one thing that you cannot really argue about is that it’s got some room for improvement. During the last few release cycles there’s been more and more talk about block patterns and how they’re going to make WordPress website building more straightforward. Block patterns are a collection of blocks that have been built and saved away for future use. So think about a typical use case, you have a hero section of your website that you might use over and over again. You build it one time, adding in a variety of blocks, and once you’re happy, you save it and then later you can add it into any other part of your website with the click of a button. But here’s the problem. The block editor is still a little but, how shall we say it… fun to use. It’s got some quirks and you might not find it as easy as you’d wish to get pixel perfect patterns. Step in Extendify. They have a suite of pre-made block patterns which you can use. It’s really all about making life simple. They’re all built on top of WordPress Core blocks so there’s no lock in and you can use them to learn how to build your own block patterns.

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