56 – A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino – Part 2

56 – A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino – Part 2

In this episode:

Discussion – How to be a successful Digital Nomad.

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Interview – A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino – Part 2.

Ending Fact – Negative Space.

Last week we introduced you to Regina Tuzzolino and her remarkable approach to writing copy. It’s got a few of you really intrigued!

Well, in this, the second part of the interview, Regina unpacks the ways that this method can be applied to web site copy.

If you remember the 12 step journey had the following steps:

  • 1. The Ordinary World
  • 2. Call to Adventure
  • 3 and 4. Overcoming Fear and Meeting the Mentor
  • 5. Crossing the Threshold/Commitment to Change
  • 6, 7, 8. Allies, Ordeals and New Conditions
  • 9 and 10. Big changes and a New Dedication
  • 11 and 12. The Resurrection and Elixir

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Here is the document, mentioned in the podcast, which helps you to understanud these steps: https://goo.gl/urseGq

It’s such an innovative way to tackle what many of us don’t really like doing. Not only do we not have the required skills, but we’re often more focussed upon the way that a site looks and less upon the impact of the language that we use.

I love the fact that Regina’s technique keeps the story telling aspects alive and asks web copy authors to engage with that story in order to create content that really resonates with the audience.

Having worked with web sites for years, I’m always amazed at how subtlety altering something can have a profound impact upon the visitors. This certainly fits into that category!

If you did not catch the previous episode you might want to check that out first, then listen to this one to give your copywriting skills a unique and fascinating overhaul.

Regina can be found here: https://pagebreak.info/

She also wrote this cool post about this whole process, which you can find here: https://goo.gl/MQYuNG

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