256 – Kickstart your website copy with Copyflight

Kickstart your website copy with Copyflight - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #256

One the more challenging things to do when creating a website is to write effective copy. In the era of Page Builders, getting the site to look good and work well is easier than ever… but getting effective and compelling copy on your site is as hard as it’s ever been. In fact, with the competition out there, all trying to get the same SEO juice as you are, it might be harder than it’s ever been. Unless you’re a pro at this you might struggle, and your clients might be even worse. Step up Todd E. Jones and his Website Copy Framework. We talked on the podcast about why Todd built the product and what it contains. It’s essentially a collection of templates for all the different components you need to put on your website. It makes it easier for you to understand how to get started and what effective copywriting is. So if you need help with your copywriting, check out the podcast and see if the Website Copy Framework might get you writing better copy.

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254 – Automatic content creation with Bertha.ai

Automatic content creation with Bertha.ai - WP Builds Podcast #254

So perhaps you’re really into writing. You live and breathe it. You wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get out the laptop and start bashing away. The ideas flow out of you all the time; never ending. You’re like a tap fully turned on. Mmm. This is not you though is it. It’s more likely that you need to write, have to write, are required to write, but sometimes the ideas just don’t come to you. You stare at the blank screen and your artistic juices don’t flow. You get stuck, frustrated and write less than you need to. You’re a rusty tap, dripping once in a while! What you need is some help. You need something to give you a little push; to set you on the road. Bertha.ai is a WordPress plugin which brings A.I. writing help into your website content creation process. Wherever you write text in your WordPress website, Bertha is there to give you a hand, to help you get started. Find out how it works and what it’s useful for. Check out the podcast…

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253 – ‘W’ is for Writing

'W' is for Writing - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #253

Writing is such a complex process. When we started to think about this topic, we thought that it would be really straightforward, but after some reflection, it turns out that there’s a lot to say. Are you writing for yourself, for prose, for business, for a third party? Your relationship with that writing will be dramatically altered by the ‘why’ of the writing. What about this interface? Do you like it plain and simple, or perhaps you like all the bells and whistles so that you can get in the weeds of sizing and fonts? Perhaps writing is becoming a dying art. With social platforms promoting short, disposable text, are we dumbing down on what we write, as well as destroying our attention spans for reading? And what about AI? Perhaps there’s going to be no need to write in the future; you’ll just suggest things to some SaaS app and the writing is done for you? As I say, there’s lots to discuss here and I hope that you enjoy the podcast…

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211 – Its importent to get you’re grammer write; and ProWritingAid Will help with that,

Its importent to get you're grammer write; and ProWritingAid Will help with that, - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #211

Writing is important. It’s one of the greatest inventions in the history of humanity. In fact, it may very well be the most important. But we can all agree that not all writing is equal. Most of the writing that we create and read has nothing to do with prose. It’s the news that we consume, the recipes we crib from, the information that we study and the emails / letters that we use to communicate. In these situations, it’s important to write in a clear and understandable way. Errors in grammar, spelling and structure stand out and spoil the flow of what you’re trying to get across. So step up ProWritingAid to the rescue! It’s a tool built by Chris Banks, the guest on the podcast today. Listen now to see why he built it and how it might help your own writing.

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56 – A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino – Part 2

A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino Part 2

Last week we introduced you to Regina Tuzzolino and her remarkable approach to writing copy. Well, in this, the second part of the interview, Regina unpacks the ways that this method can be applied to web site copy. It’s such an innovative way to tackle what many of us don’t really like doing. Not only do we not have the required skills, but we’re often more focussed upon the way that a site looks and less upon the impact of the language that we use.

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55 – A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino – Part 1

A great way to think about writing copy with Regina Tuzzolino Part 1

So web copy is hard to do. Some of you might be experts, but most of us are not! We struggle to find a way to make copy that is engaging and innovative; something that people will want to read. Regina has a wonderful take on how to create successful copy through her step-by-step process. It’s called the ‘Hero’s Journey’, a 12 step method of breaking down ideas into something meaningful which will resonate well with people.

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