57 – Why I built an inline editor for Beaver Builder with Bradley Kirby

57 – Why I built an inline editor for Beaver Builder with Bradley Kirby

In this episode:

Discussion – What do you do when clients don’t pay?

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Interview – Why I built an inline editor for Beaver Builder with Bradley Kirby.

Ending Fact – UX (User eXperience).

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In this episode we get to meet Bradley Kirby who has a very cool little plugin for Beaver Builder called Wallace Inline.




It’s really rather cool, and allows you to update the contents of your Beaver Builder pages without actually using the Beaver Builder dialogue boxes.

If you’ve never used Beaver Builder then you need to know that when you edit content on your page, a little box opens up with all the settings for that ‘module’. This could be colour settings, fonts, images, but often it’s text.

Wallace Inline gives you an option to get rid of the need to use the Beaver Builder dialogue boxes, and instead be able to alter text right where you see it, in the style that you see it.

One great application for this is when you hand over a site to a client and you want them to be able to simply alter the text content of the pages. This will handle that perfectly.

It’s quite tricky to explain, so I suggest that you go to the Wallace Inline web site and have a look for yourself to see if this is something that you could make use of.

I hope that you enjoy the episode, and I’d like to let you know that David and I are having a couple of weeks off from creating the podcast! What a relief I hear you cry!

We’re going to concentrate upon the upon the important things at this time of year, like drinking and staying in bed for much longer!

See you next year!

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