193 – Helping people to learn WordPress on YouTube

Helping people to learn WordPress on YouTubeWP - Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #193

Have you ever wanted to start a YouTube Channel related to WordPress content? You’ve seen other people out there making a great success of it and you think that it’s really easy. Paul Charlton is on the WP Builds Podcast today to chat about what it’s really like. It’s a slog at times and you need to keep the content fresh and of a high quality. Paul focusses on Elementor, Brizy, ACF and JetEngine but straying into all sorts of other areas too. His content is of exceptional quality and I highly recommend a listen to the podcast to find out more about how he grew his channel and created a niche for himself educating people about how to use WordPress…

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169 – Advanced Custom Fields, the past, present and future

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast - 169 - Advanced Custom Fields, the past, present and future

Want to learn about Advanced Custom Fields for WordPress? Join founder Elliot Condon as we talk about the plugin… past, present and future. We talk about what the plugin does and how it can transform the kind of sites that you’re able to build. We then go on to chat about the last couple of years and how Elliot had had to put in a lot of work to make sure that ACF was ready for the 5.0 release of WordPress which brought in the Gutenberg editor. It was a period of huge learning and enormous uncertainty, but Elliot came through with flying colours. He managed to create ACF Blocks which is a non-coding way of creating your own bespoke Blocks that you can reuse within the editor. We also talk about the recent pricing changes – why an increase in price was long overdue and how it’s going to support the plugin’s development long into the future. Seriously nice guy… great episode…

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