WP Builds Weekly WordPress News #136 – WordPress 5.6 Beta 2, Meta Boxes and Deals

This week’s WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 26th October 2020:

Hi there. Just a quick message that I wanted to let you all know about. I’m having to think about whether or not I have time for the WP Builds Weekly WordPress News audio that I normally include in this Newsletter. Sadly, I’m constrained by the time that I have each week and so, for now, it’s going to be going away. Just to be clear, it’s not the newsletter, it’s just the audio. I hope that this is okay! Sorry about that!

WordPress Core

WordPress 5.6 Beta 2

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Dragging and Dropping Meta Boxes Might Not Be So Simple in WordPress 5.6

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WordPress Contributors Discuss Launching an Official Block Pattern Directory

Plugins / Themes / Blocks

ACF 5.9.2 Release

EditorPlus Introduces Its First Blocks and Adds a Custom Block Creator

Gutenberg 9.2 Adds Video Tracks, Improvements to Columns and Cover Blocks

Log Into WordPress By Touch or Face ID Via the Passwordless WP Plugin

Deals from this week

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NEWShortpixel – $49

NEWWordPress Portal Lifetime – $49

TeliportMe – $79

HockeyStack – $79

Pixlr image editing- $49

Qubely Blocks – $49 lifetime deal

PWA for WP – $59


WordPress Vulnerability News, October 2020

WP Builds

203 – The WordPress journey of Wendie Huis in t Veld


Strattic – Content Writer

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Not WordPress, but useful anyway…

Trump Campaign Site Hacked – What We Know & Lessons Learned

Opera and Brave Blocking Legit Images and Files

Big Content Snare Update: Kanban & Templates

Introducing the new Google Analytics

Antipodes Map – just a bit of fun. Where would you be if you dug right through the Earth!?

Water exists on the moon, scientists confirm

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WP Builds WordPress Podcast



WP Builds WordPress Podcast
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