75 – ACF… Elliot Condon tells us all about his enormously cool plugin

In this episode:

Discussion – Never talk about politics, religion or website hosting – [4:02]

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Interview – ACF… Elliot Condon tells us all about his enormously cool plugin – [27:34]

Ending Fact – How many WordPress comments? – [1:25:32]

Let’s all assume that you’ve been using WordPress for a little while by now shall we? Okay… good! Now that we know that, we should also know that a long time ago you got fed up with the fact that WordPress has only a couple of fields available to you out of the box. The Title and the Text Editor.

Very soon we all said something like, “There has to be more to WordPress than this!”

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So off you went and started hunting around for options to extent the functionality of WordPress, so that you could have more fields, more options and more fun!

Your search would have no doubt led you to ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) by Elliot Condon, and that day would have been a good one, because you just found yourself something cool and free and feature packed!

From this point on you’d have gone mad creating all sorts of fields for all sorts of things. Now you could have Custom Post Types for cars, dogs, space stations and all manner of other things, without having to know how to code all that stuff!

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of ACF and the abilities that it gives me to create fields by clicking buttons and dragging the mouse about. It’s really, really cool! I love the fact that it’s simple to use. I love that it’s UI is beautiful. I love that it adds fields only and does not try to display them, leaving that up to you and your preferred display method.

If you get the Pro version of ACF, you get even more goodness than you do with the free version, although I might add that the Pro version is about a cheap as you could possibly expect! $100 AUS for an unlimited lifetime deal – how does he do that?!?!

We spend ages talking about the past of ACF; how it came to be, what it does right now and what it will do in the future, including Gutenberg. But we also just chat about Elliot and what he is like, where he grew up and why he likes computers.

It’s a lovely chat and I would highly recommend that you listen to all 1 hour 31 minutes of it!

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