WP Builds Newsletter #88 – State of the Word, annual survey and a few deals

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 4th November 2019:

WordPress Core

State of the Word 2019 Recap: All Roads Lead to the Block Editor
State of the Word Address and WCUS

WordPress 5.3 RC4

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WordPress 2019 Annual Survey

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WP Agency Summit 2019

Survey results: media coverage through the lens of authors and publishers

Collaborative Editing is a Really Difficult Challenge in WordPress

Oklahoma Watch Becomes First U.S. Publication on Newspack; 34 Pilot Newsrooms Announced for Second Round

Yoast Creates Free Online Course for WordPress Beginners

The Power of Stories: Chris Lema and the Bridge Framework

Plugins / Themes

New ACF PRO Pricing for 2020

“Toolset Views” Becoming “Toolset Blocks”

BoldGrid Joins Forces with W3 Edge, Acquires W3 Total Cache Plugin

New Home for Broken Link Checker Plugin

WPML’s New String Translation Reduces Page Load Times by 50%

Deals from this week

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WP Scheduled Posts on lifetime deal

Brizy Cloud on lifetime deal

AppSumo WordPress deals page


Wordfence Weekly October 30 2019 – November 05 2019

WP Builds

Losing clients before you even get them

Let Piccia Neri review your website’s UI / UX – Next session is on Wednesday 13th November at 1pm (UK time)


Erm… all quiet here this week!

Not WordPress, but useful anyway…

Go borderless: GoCardless launches the first global network designed for recurring payments

We Asked People Around the World How They Feel About Artificial Intelligence. Here’s What We Learned.

Facebook Unveils New Logo With Unique Branding for All of its Products

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Hello there. Good morning and welcome to this, the WP Builds weekly WordPress news. This is number 88 it covers the WordPress news for the week, commencing the 4th of November, 2019 and it was published on Monday the 11th of November, 2019. My name's Nathan Wrigley, and just a couple of things before we begin.
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Life. Here's a nice easy way to remember it, right? Let's get stuck into this week's news. I always group the news into different sections, and WordPress core is always the first part. I've got two things for you today. An article on WP Tavern, which is entitled state of the word 2019 recap. All roads lead to the block editor, which is an article by Justin Tadlock, but also underneath that, if you look in the show notes, there's another link which links.
Links you to Matt Mullenweg, state of the word address as a YouTube video, but Justin was basically making the point in this article that everything for the last year seems to have been about blocks and it doesn't look like that anywhere going to change, we're going to have another year focused on exactly the same kind of thing.
Matt Mullenweg at the beginning of his state of the word address, actually premiered a video Which was made by the, the guys over at Wordfence in titled, uh, open the community code. It was a short video of about well film, really of about 37 WordPress's explaining why they're into WordPress. It's quite a nice watch and you can see that if you go to the, uh, the YouTube video map.
Talked about all of the improvements that have been made during the last year. All of, you know, trying to address the, the concerns and the accessibility problems. He also went on to talk about the acquisition of tumbler and a few of those things and about things like kid camp and a few other community related events.
And then he talked about the future that the near future for the block editor, including easier editing, the customization options, them collaboration possibilities and the hopes to have everything multi-lingual donning core. Very, very. Soon. Um, yeah, nice article. I have to say it was a, it, you know, it wasn't a dramatic speech in that there was nothing major new and, um, an unsurprising announced.
But nevertheless, it was nice summation of everything that's happened in the previous year. If you're super keen on WordPress releases, well, WordPress 5.3 release candidate four has come around. WordPress 5.3 is going to be coming out in a matter of days. The idea is that it's out on the 12th of November, something calamitous.
I'm excepted and we have a couple of minor minor things where right at the end, and so hopefully that it is only minor things being discovered. Now, one bug in the upload component, five bugs in the block editor component. Two regressions in the media component and little tiny things like that.
But anyway, it needs beta testing. And if you click on the link in the show notes, you can go to the page where you can sign up to beta test. The next section is entitled community, and the first one I've got is [email protected] and title 2019 annual survey every year at about this time of the year, we have an annual survey where it's hoped that people will go and explain how it is that they are using WordPress, what it is that they use it for.
Generally, it's feedback about WordPress and the idea is that the team can adapt. Amend, think about what. It needs to be on the roadmap for WordPress, but obviously they need your contributions for that. This year, for the first time, there are five additional languages, so if you are a native speaker of either French and German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish, you'll be able to complete that form in your own language.
It's going to be open for the next four weeks, and there is no data gathered about you. You know, they don't get your email, IP address or any of that sort of stuff. And, um, yeah, so important that we give our views about WordPress. And so I would urge everybody to go and do that, um, in the next four weeks.
Friend of the podcast who's been on it a number of times, including the news. Yann cock has got a really interesting summit lined up. It's called WP agency summit, and the tag, the headline says, go behind the scenes with 29 plus world-class WordPress agency owners, developers, and marketers, and there's a whole laundry list of famous people, Troy Dean, Mike Killen, Kim Doyle, and the list really, really, really does go on and on.
It's going to be happening in December. Um, and this at the moment is, um, getting yourself subscribed to their list so that they can keep you informed about when things are happening. There is a free tier in which you can sort of participate. And there's also a pay tier in which you can have access to all of the videos going forward.
But literally all of the names are very, very household names. And so I think this is great. Click on the link in the show notes and you'll get taken to the page for WP agency summit. A few weeks ago, we mentioned an article by Ana Phillip, who is a digital storyteller, pixel grade. Well, she produced an article in which she was exploring the sort of disconnect between the, the sincerity.
Um, the disingenuousness perhaps of reviews being done about WordPress products. She was making the point that it seemed like they didn't really go into much detail, but, um, you know, product reviews, let's call them that were, were largely about affiliate commissions. And so they would write, um.
Kind of copy that was just copied and pasted from one article to another with generic sentences. And she felt that this was all going in the wrong direction and not really building relationships. So she puts out a survey, which a few people contributed to. And this article is the summation, the survey results.
Now, it's a very, very long piece, but it kind of. Just charts out what it was that the respondents to this survey thought, and I can't really summarize it very effectively because it is too long, but she goes through all sorts of different criteria. So for example, she discovered that WordPress authors really do genuinely care about how publishers cover their products.
And so maybe there needs to be some conversation about that before they allow people to have, let's say, review copies, or maybe there's a dialogue to be had when things are being reviewed. WordPress publishes, want to fix, sorry. Want a mix of freedom and assistance from authors was another point that she took away from all of that.
And she also made the point that everybody feels that their rights, just a few want to challenge that assumption. And so it goes, if you're interested in how. Products are portrayed in the WordPress space, and whether or not that is done with sincerity or it is disingenuous to make affiliate commissions, then I would suggest that you, uh, you go and read this article in, in it's great length.
And, uh, yeah, thanks to Awana for, for doing it. And, uh, we also had Vlad from pixel grade on the news talking about it, talk about this same sort of subject last Monday as well. So that was nice. A really interesting read I found this week on the publish press.com blog. It's called collaborative editing is a really difficult challenge in WordPress.
He talks about the fact that Matt Mullen work has repeatedly said, including at the state of the word last week, that he wants to have some sort of. Google docs style collaborative editing. Obviously if you've tried to edit a post in the past and somebody else has been editing it, you've basically been told this post is already being edited and you can either, uh, move out the way or you can take over, but there's no option to collaborate.
Well, it would appear that this is going to happen in Gothenburg, but it's way, way off. There's a whole lot of things that need to be done first when full, when the full implementation for site editing is done, which is stage three. Then. We might get towards a stage four, which is going to be this collaborative, um, editing experience.
Now Google can pull this off because they have complete control of the servers and the technology behind that. It's all done on Google's cloud, if you'd like, but WordPress is different. And so the tap, the challenge for WordPress to pull this off is. Is extraordinarily hard. Um, the idea would be to use something like WebSockets, but obviously a lot of cheap hosting companies will not allow WebSockets to be, to be possible on their, their environment.
And so a sort of halfway house solution has been proposed. And the idea would be that you'd be able to edit a post or a page simultaneously, but not a block simultaneously. So you'd be in the, the page editing it and you'd be able to edit it. Anything you liked except a block that was currently being used by somebody else, and you would basically be shown the same error message that you get now about pages, but with blocks.
This is a long way off, but I'm interesting to see the direction of travel and, um, and these guys published press are obviously really keen for this to happen. Back on the WP Tavern for an article entitled Oklahoma watch becomes first a us publication on new SPAC. 34 pilot newsrooms announced for second round just in Tadlock writes about this news PAC was announced earlier this year, and it's kind of like.
Automatics interpretation of what WordPress for news company should look like. In other words, you subscribe to their service, the news pack service, and you get a, our version of WordPress completely tailored for producing newspapers. So the, the first instance of, uh, of a U S publication taking this on is Oklahoma watch.
And the article just goes into what it is that the, the folks have found useful. Some of the things that they haven't found useful, but in the main. It seems to be a very positive experience. They've been able to have things on their website that were far less time consuming, and they were able to do reporting rather than trying to make the work, you know, trying to wrangle the website.
But they also gave lots of feedback about features that they wanted. So, for example, carousels of news items and things like that, but, um, seems to be a very positive experience. Lots and lots of quotations in here from the actual guys on the ground. Yeah. And, um, yeah, I think this one is going to grow and grow.
Um, obviously 34 news teams are planning on transitioning over in the next few months, so we'll, we'll see how this goes. The guys over at Yost have released a new course. I'm Merico Vandereck, who is the CEO of Yoast, is actually writing on the talk mag.io website. The articles entitled Yoast creates free online course for WordPress beginners, and that's exactly what they've done.
They've made a combination of. Quizzes and videos and documents to kind of explain the basics. So if you are new to WordPress, this is a completely free course. It's done in eight different modules. And the, the, the sort of explainer video that I watched actually features Yost himself talking about what's going to be in the course.
And, uh, yeah, it talks about how to get your website up and running, how to customize by adding plugins and all the basic stuff. Really how to do backups. And obviously because Yoast is a company all about SEO, they talk about that as well. So beginners to WordPress, if there's anything you don't understand, this free course may very well be worth checking out.
A story now on WP Tavern, although it's actually about Chris lemmas speech at WordCamp us. He did a speech last week entitled the content framework that powers story's landing pages and more, and it's a video. It's not a very long, it wasn't a particularly long talks. One of the lightening talks, I believe, and he talks about this idea of.
Sales via stories and a, it's quite a powerful idea. Very simply, he talks about how you're trying to get people from point a to point B and stories are the best way to do this, and he develops the idea during the course of this video. So what I would say is if you've got 10 minutes and you have an interest in marketing, this might be worth checking out because it might give you a different perspective on how to set up your, your text and your landing pages and so on and so forth.
Okay. Let's switch gears and talk about plugins and themes now, shall we? The first one is over on the advanced custom fields.com a blog. It's entitled new ACF pro pricing for 2020 Elliot Condon, who's been on the podcast a couple of times. Yeah. He has decided that he's going to change his pricing from a lifetime pricing, which he currently has very CF pro and he's gonna migrate it over to an annual pricing.
I really like the way that he's presented this argument, particularly a graph that he shows where he shows that since 2015 when he bundled up all of his kind of pro features into ACF pro for a hundred Australian dollars one time purchase, the sales have sort of gone up. Year on year by about 10% and he's got this wonderful little chart which shows the amount of customers that he's had each year against the amount of sales.
And whilst the sales block grows very, very slightly, the customer block just, it's like 10 X and I haven't really thought about it that way. Well. Of course w I have thought about it that way, but it's nice to see it in such a visual representation. Anyway, what he says is that he's going to change his pricing.
If you are a current user, he makes very clear, again and again that this is not going to affect you if you've got onto the ACF pro. Current pricing, then you'll be grandfathered in and everything will stay the same, and now the annual pricing is going to be $49 I don't know if that's us or Australian because he was using Australian in the past for one site.
10 websites will be one, four, nine and the agency, which is unlimited, will be two, four, nine a year. So yeah, there we go. And I think he's really doing whatever he needs to do in order to to increase the likelihood of his business staying around. So nice post. I think the pricing, nobody could argue with it.
It's been a ridiculously great deal for the longest period of time. Might be worth clicking on the link in the show notes just to see if that pricing still exists, because I don't recall the date at which he's going to switch that over. But anyway, there we go. Okay. Moving over to tool set tool set.com they have an article by EMEA hell's a, the CEO of on the go systems entitled toolset views that becoming tool set blocks tool set, which is a plug in, which allows you to manipulate all sorts of different parts of your WordPress website with actually no code required for the longest period of time.
They, they feel that their views plugin has offered a great deal of. Customization options. You can wrangle the data in your database to display in any which way you like with views, but it's been very hard to use this. You know, you've had to learn a lot of HTML, learn a lot of CSS. You've had to flick between one admin area of your website and then copy short codes into other areas.
And frankly, all of this was a little confusing. So they, they took the approach and launched their layouts product. They also took the approach that they were gonna work with page builders, but they feel that going forwards, the, the relationship with page builders is going to be of secondary importance to.
Gothenburg, the block editor. So what they say is that it's difficult to maintain their code base against the popular page builders just because that requires a conversation and often that conversation doesn't develop. So they're going to now rebrand everything and throw their entire weight behind Gutenberg and hope that the features.
Did that is still lacking a come around the corner very soon. So with that in mind, they've got rid of the name of views and they're going to call it two blocks. Now I've had a baiter out for a little while and I played with it, and there was, there's definitely a few things which they've improved over the last few weeks, but the idea is that you will create all of those views.
Inside of the block editor. So then recommending that from now on, you don't start developing new sites with layouts, although they are at pains to say nothing will break. If you've been using the sort of old layout, short code based approach, that will still work, but they're recommending that in the future you start to use Gutenberg.
It's drawn a lot of interest because they've had a. The time of recording this 123 comments on their website. Some of them very long, some of them expressing that they like this, others expressing that they think this is a terrible direction and they simply cannot stand Gothenburg. But anyway, the point being, if you're using a tool set and tool set views in particular, there's now a new capability inside of the block editor called toolset blocks.
You may be familiar with a caching plugin called w three total cash. Well, they have been acquired by a company called bold grid, who are a products and services company. They've acquired it and they've taken on Frederick Townes, who is the developer. There's also some support staff. They're gonna amalgamate these teams, and the idea really is that they, they want w three total cash to have a brighter future.
There have been fears in the past, especially during the course of the last year, that the plugin had been abandoned because there were, there was a period of about seven months where it never got updated. And also during that time, a few security problems. Um, there was a high risk XSS vulnerability, which was discovered on, although that right.
That itself was patched pretty quickly. That's back in 2016 actually. Um, there were concerns that, you know, it broke sites and anyway, it just felt a little bit neglected. So it turns out that was all to do with the, the capability of the developers to actually apply hours to the project. So the hope is that this will.
Um, we'll give it a bit of an impetus and allow it to continue. Turns out that over a million websites are still using it. It may be, it may very well be something that you've used from time to time, but now they have some new, uh, impetus, some new VIM and vigor. We'll have to see, maybe they can, uh, restore a little bit of the faith that has possibly been lost.
Another acquisition, if you've been the user of the broken link checker plugin, it was, uh, it was under the custodianship of managed WP. Well, they've decided to stop developing it and in fact hand it over to WP M U dev. Um, yeah. Interesting. It's got about 700,000 users. It is quite an intensive plug in on the resources of your server.
And for that reason. They decided that it wasn't something they wanted to take forward, so they have given it away. I think the word is give, there's no mention of any money changing hands, but WPM UDEV will be taking this on. I don't know if it's going to go into the repo as quite a few of their plugins are, or if it's going to become part of their premium tier, which you can get, um, for, I think it's $49 a month.
Anyway, it's been taken over, so let's see how this develops. Last piece of plugin news for this week is over on WP mayor and it's entitled WP NMLS new string translation reduces page speed load times by 50%. So WPM you'd have is a translation plug in. It's actually, um. Created by the guys over at toolset on the go systems.
So they've got two sort of products running alongside each other. Um, they have changed the way that the plugin works because in the past that used to call the database in order to get the translations out. Now those translations are going to be done in a slightly different way using dot M O files, which is a sort of flat file, and it means that things can be served up to 50% quicker.
So, um. I just think this is great. You know, why not? If you can speed something up by rearchitecting the whole thing, then certainly go ahead and do it. I don't know when this actually happened or if it's going to happen in the future, but anyway, if you're a WP ML user, that's great. Great news.
Less calls to the database, um, increased site speed. We always have a little deal section where I put up some deals that I've discovered this week. The first one isn't a deal as such. It's just a great big page of deals. I mentioned it before. It's [email protected] forward slash and black and it is my Uh, attempt to put a load of black Friday deals into one page, its search, search and filterable, and there's probably about 20 or so on there, but expect that page to grow.
So go and bookmark WP Builds.com forward slash black on that page is a blue button. In talking to receive deal updates. If you click on that, you'll be put onto an email list. If you fill out the form, and I will send you those deal updates. But also if you're a plugin or theme developer or you know, something in the WordPress space and you've got a black Friday deal, there's another blue button entitled, did we miss a deal?
Tell us, fill that out in Allah. I'll ensure that it gets on that page. The other three are all on AppSumo. This week there's a plugin called WP scheduled posts, which, um, it kind of presents a calendar view. Of your posts, and so you can decide when things are going to be scheduled and, uh, allegedly it does a better job of this than the, the, the native WordPress scheduler.
I don't know, haven't tried it, but there it is. Anyway, there's another one, although this is originally a WordPress. Plugin. There is a kind of cloud based version of the breezy page builder called breezy cloud, and that offering that on AppSumo at the moment you can get, um, I think it's one site for $49.
And then if you double up, you can go up. No, sorry. It's six. Three sites for $49 six sites for $98 and the price just goes up and you get more sites. And finally, I've linked to a new section on the AppSumo website entitled WordPress tools, and they're, now obviously, WordPress is a big part of their, their product portfolio.
And so now they've decided to have a specific section. So I've, I've linked to that as well. We do a very, very light touch on the WordPress security news each week and this week. I'm pleased to say there's hardly anything. Well, that's a good thing. We want that to be no security news. That's the best kind of security news.
All I'm doing this week is linking to the Wordfence, a weekly October to November, um, post, and it's got three or four vulnerabilities. They're not associated with any particular plugins, seems to be WordPress core, but. Nevertheless, possibly worth looking at if you are managing many, many, many sites.
The blatantly self-promotional bit, I suppose I've got to be allowed that a little bit. The, um, the WP Builds podcast this week, it featured myself and David Walmsley. It's episode number 153 entitled losing clients before you even get them. We talk about a book called watertight marketing by Briony Thomas.
And in this she talks about how we. Kind of sort of essentially lose clients in the process of acquiring them right from the point where they hear about you, right? To the point when the project is finally closed and you've been paid. And in this little miniseries, we're going through the different stages that she believes are the areas, the times when we can leap clients.
And this is that period after you've been introduced, you know each other. You might even have got a contract, but you haven't really delivered any work, and yet there's still a whole load of things that can go wrong. So we talk about what, what we've done, what experiences we've had in the past, and what ways we have tried to mitigate that.
Also, quite importantly, this week, Wednesday the 13th of November, peach and airy is going to be live WP Builds.com forward slash live. And she will be taking your WordPress websites that you have submitted and she will be sort of going through them from a UI, UX point of view, giving you some pointers and tips genuinely.
Very interesting. I always come away thinking, I never thought of that because she's just got an eye for that detail that I simply don't have. If you go to WP Builds.com forward slash you are, you can actually submit a website that you would like her to take a look off and we're going to be doing this each and every month and this is.
Okay. We have a jobs section, but I don't have anything to add in this week just to say that if you have a WordPress related job that you're offering, then please get in touch with me, WP Builds.com forward slash contact and I will endeavor to put it in this news and on the website. We always tag along to the end of this news.
Um, some non-word Pressy things because I finished with the WordPress stuff for this week, and so here they come. They're entitled not to WordPress, but useful. Anyway. This I think is going to be big. I predict that as the years roll along, we will hear more and more about this company. There is a company which operates, I think they began in the UK called Go cardless and we have a system in the United Kingdom of what's called director debit, and it's a way of setting up recurring billings such that it comes directly out of your bank account and go, cardless is leverage this.
To make it ridiculously simple and very inexpensive to take recurring payments. Now the problem is, up until now, it's been restricted to EU country, certainly EU countries, and I believe Australia, so it's not been able to go really global. Well, they've now launched a service called go borderless, which aims to change that now, not being a financial wizard, I'm not really sure of how the system's going to work.
But they're going to be partnering with transfer wise, which is a company you've no doubt heard of who make the way of transferring money from one currency to another as as cheap as possible, shall we say. Um, I'm really bullish about this. It feels to me like we could be. Obviously, if you've got in any way, shape or form a subscription model, then you want to shave off as many dollars or pennies as you possibly can in the fees that you pay to your provider.
And I know of no way, certainly in the UK of doing recurring billing more cheaply than go cardless. So with go borderless, their international offering can be as cheap. I suspect that many people will be jumping over to this. Wait and see. I hope. That this takes off and we can all integrate our payment solutions, our subscription services that we're using with our WordPress websites into go bald on us.
If you're a regular listener to this news bulletin, you'll know that I have a tangential interest in artificial intelligence because I always tack something on at the end or often do. What I mean by that is I like reading articles that other people have written. I have no knowledge or expertise of how any of this stuff works on a high level, but over on the foundation.mozilla.org website, we have an article entitled, we asked people around the world how they feel about artificial intelligence, and here's what they learned.
I'm not going to try and summarize this too much, but it's things like just over half of all respondents say they have some knowledge of AI and only 10% feel that they, they actually understand it. Young people are more likely to be knowledgeable about it. People are most likely to say they're concerned, curious and hopeful about artificial intelligence.
And it gives the percentages of that where people live in the world impacts how they think about AI. And young people aren't nearly as concerned. It turns out that a lot of the young people, 19 to 24 years old, are really hopeful, curious, excited by it. And this is the one that I think is fascinating.
Most people say that they want AI to be way smarter than them. And I find that really fascinating. I, I can, you know, this is the whole dilemma of, of. The science fiction debate about this, about whether we should allow artificial intelligence to become better than we are just about all sorts of tests now who could disagree that computers are better at doing math than, than humans are.
But the idea that we want AI to be smart and this it curious, um, I'm not sure where I sit on that. I think the current state of the debate. Means that I probably don't want it to be smarter than us just yet, because I don't think we figured out what that even means. We haven't even got the conversation worked out as to, as to what that could mean, you know?
Um, if it became immeasurably smarter than us, much more quickly than us, um, would we simply be. An inconvenience to the artificial intelligence, and by that I don't mean some sort of aggressive, horrible AI trying to wipe us out. Just a complete disinterest in humanity because we're have, we're of no concern to it.
Anyway, fascinating. Read. Go and check that out. I don't even know if this last one's news, but I've included it anyway. It's on the search engine journal. Facebook has a new logo, but you're not probably going to be seeing it too much. You're only going to be seeing this new logo when you look at their, the products that they own.
So things like that. Instagram and WhatsApp, they're using it obviously sort of differentiate the fact that they are, you know, the owners of these companies, but it's not Facebook directly. And, uh, I have to say, I reckon this logo probably took about seven seconds to come up with. It's a fairly bland font, um, with normal type facing and normal spacing and just a, there you go.
New fonts. Terribly exciting. Right? That is it. I have no more news for you right now. The WP Bill's news was brought to you today by page. Build a cloud. If you want to dramatically speed up your WordPress websites workflow, then checkout page builder cloud. It's securely saved all your templates to your own cloud.
You can then reuse them on any other websites in seconds. Page builder, Cloudworks with elemental BeaverBuilder, breezy, Gothenburg and many more. And it's not just for page builders though. You can save your contact forms and ACF layups too. You can get a free trial today at page builder, cloud.com.
And Kinsta. Kinsta takes managed WordPress hosting to the next level, powered by the Google cloud platform. Your site is secured like Fort Knox and runs on speed obsessive architecture. You can get access to the latest software and developer tools such as PHP seven SSH and staging environments, and the best part or expert team of WordPress engineers, they're available 24 seven if you need help and you can migrate today for free at dot com.
And we thank all of our sponsors for helping put on the WB builds new spot cast. Okay. That's like I say, all I've got for you this week. Do remember that we'll be out again on Wednesday, speaking with Piccia Neri, go to WP Builds.com forward slash Facebook and you'll be able to find it in there, or WP Builds.com forward slash UI.
And, uh, yeah, submit your own site and we'll alert you as to when that goes live in the Facebook group and so on. Also, we'll be releasing a podcast next Thursday as we always do, and we'll be back next Monday for the week that you're currently in the WordPress news for that week and join us live 2:00 PM UK time for the WordPress live news.
Okay. Bye bye for now.

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