Refining our website building process with James and Martin Coates - WP Builds WordPress podcast

What to know how a growing WordPress website agency manages their projects? Well this is the podcast for you. Today we hear from James and Martin Coates from Impact Media. They tell us about the tools that they use to make their agency as efficient as possible. Wireframes to video creation, image manipulation to automated testing we learn it all. We also chat about their preferred plugins for particular tasks. It’s a great chat and will give you some insights into processes that, no doubt are part of your business, but perhaps you’ll see a new way or a new tool that you might be able to use. Go have a listen on the WP Builds WordPress podcast…

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Making your WordPress website multilingual with Amir Helzer from WPML - WP Builds WordPress podcast

In this day and age where websites are collections of content in a database, there is no reason at all that this content cannot be translated into other languages and presented to people who speak those languages. In fact, I’d be able to make a fair compelling argument that it’s a really good idea to translate your website into a variety of languages if there’s a market outside of your first language to do so. WPML allows you to do that quickly and easily…

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Amir Helzer, CEO of Toolset and WPML

In this episode (drum roll please) we had the great honor of talking to Amir Helzer. Amir is the CEO of OnTheGoSystems known for WP-Types’ Toolset, the WPML multilanguage plugin and also ICanLocalize.
Yes, indeed, how did we manage that? More to the point, how did he manage that?

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