22 – Amir Helzer, CEO of Toolset and WPML

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In this episode (drum roll please) we had the great honor of talking to Amir Helzer. Amir is the CEO of OnTheGoSystems known for WP-Types’ Toolset, the WPML multilanguage plugin and also ICanLocalize. Yes, indeed, how did we manage that? More to the point, how did he manage that?

Amir, of course, gave us an excellent interview and a fabulous insight into his company and future plans. Nathan was delighted to be able to talk to someone who knew Drupal (and went on about Drupal far too much for a podcast called WP Builds). David, on the other hand, believed Skype had connected him to time warping Daleks and just randomly talks over everyone. Oh my giddy aunt!

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Special thanks must go to these member of the Faceboook Toolset Developers group for supplying us with extra questions :

Peter Fallenius
Gavin Webb
Nathan Simpson
Oliver Belikan

News section:

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WP Builds WordPress Podcast



WP Builds WordPress Podcast
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