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145 – Should we use templates more?

Should we use templates more? - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Times have changed… It used to be that creating websites was really tedious. It took hours to get anything to go where you wanted it. Along came WordPress themes and life got a little easier, well sometimes, and then we got Page Builders with their rows and modules. Now you can get templates for just about anything and can have sites built in a matter of hours, but should we do it this way? Should we be using other people’s templates or should we be doing all this from the group up? Perhaps there is a middle way? Tweaking what you find so that the internet does not all look the same! Join us to find out what we think…

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142 – Easy life… store your layouts in the cloud with Andrew Palmer

Easy life... store your layouts in the cloud with Andrew Palmer - WP Builds WordPress podcast

You’ve been using a Page Builder to design your WordPress websites and life is great. But it could be better. The Page Builder Cloud plugin allows you to save your layouts to the cloud and reuse them on whatever website you want. So you can start to build your own library of layouts and they’re right there, waiting to be deployed and save you a heap of time. The plugin is also going to be able to convert layouts from one Page Builder to another, but this is not ready just yet. Check it out…

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WP Builds Newsletter #57 – Gutenberg mandatory, evil plugins and stand up more

Gutenberg mandatory, evil plugins and stand up more - WP Builds Newsletter #57

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 1st April 2019: WordPress Core WordPress 5.2 to Make Gutenberg Block Editor Use Mandatory for All WordPress Sites“Since its initial release in WordPress 5.0, WordPress fans have used the new Gutenberg block editor to publish billions of posts on millions of websites. Third-party developers have also…

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83 – Brizy Page Builder – Dimitrie Baitanciuc tells us all about it

83 - Brizy Page Builder - Dimitrie Baitanciuc tells us all about it

Brizy Page Builder… This episode feels like it’s timed at right moment because, if like me, you are always hunting around WordPress communities for news, then you cannot have failed to hear about the new Page Builder on the block – Brizy. We’ve become used to Page Builders now haven’t we? Well, many of us have anyway! They cut a huge amount of time and effort out of creating pages in your WordPress site and they’re also getting more and more capable of taking on the task of creating headers, footers, archive pages. In short, they’re getting too sophisticated to ignore. There are a bunch of Page Builders that we know and love, so why should the Brizy developers have launched into a market that already has some major incumbent players? Why indeed?

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