WP Builds Newsletter #82 – WordPress 5.3, plugin news and a dancing robot

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 23rd September 2019:

WordPress Core

WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 and here

WordPress 5.3 to Introduce New Admin Email Verification Screen

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GoDaddy Pro

Twenty Twenty Bundled in Core, Beta Features Overview

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Theme Review Team Restructures Into Project Representatives


WordPress Community Contributors to Host Free Online Diversity Workshop Ahead of WordCamp US

Video: How better performing websites can help save the planet

Hacktoberfest 2019 Registration is Now Open

Diversity, inequality, and prejudice; a sociological exploration
A nice example of what Gutenberg can do.

Gatsby raises $15M Series A for its modern web development platform

Plugins / Themes

WPHelpful: A User Feedback Plugin

Announcing New RafflePress Polls & Surveys for Your Giveaways

Elementor – Introducing Pro Gallery

Human Made Releases Publication Checklist Plugin Designed for the Block Editor

Display “Estimated Reading Time” in the block editor using EditorsKit

Brizy Free 1.0.82: Improved UI, Optimisations, Free Shape Dividers

Deals from this week

30% off lifetime WP Admin themes: Material WP and PRO Theme
Use code: NEWHOME


WebARX – Malware Cleanup Guarantee

Zero Day Vulnerability in Rich Reviews Plugin Exploited In The Wild

Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in GiveWP Plugin

WP Builds

What does it mean to fail?

The Website Owners Manual and how to use it with Kyle Van Deusen
20% off with code “wpbuilds”

Changing the wp-admin URL can help with security and server load so should we all do it?


Again, nothing this week, but I’m going to keep plugging away at this!

Not WordPress, but useful anyway…

Yesterday’s Man: The Fall of Richard Stallman

Facebook announces Horizon, a VR massive-multiplayer world

Atlas the humanoid robot shows off a new and improved gymnastics routine

Audius – Discover and Stream up and coming artists

Sweden rewarding careful drivers

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Nathan Wrigley: [00:00:00] Hello there. Good morning. And welcome to this the wp builds weekly WordPress newsletter. We've reached number 82. It covers the WordPress news for the week commencing the 23rd of September and it was published on Monday the 30th of September 2019. My name is Nathan Wrigley from picture and word dot co dot uk a small web development agency based in the north of England and we'll get stuck into our news in just a few moments.
It normally takes about 20 to 25 minutes. But before we do that just a couple of bits of housekeeping if you don't mind heading over to WP builds.com forward slash subscribe. And there you're going to be able to get in touch with WP builds and keep abreast of all the things that we're doing. So there's a couple of newsletter lists one newsletter is just keeping you up-to-date with podcast episodes and then use that you're listening to now and the other one in the run-up to Black Friday is a really good list to be on because it's going to alert you to any WordPress deals that come along as soon as I hear about them.
I'm going to send them your way in a very very short and pithy plain text email. So that's the blue one on that page the blue form. Also on that page subscribe on your favorite podcast player join our Facebook group and as a few other options as well. The other thing to mention is WP builds.com forward slash deals and over there.
You're going to find something that's a little bit like Black Friday, but every day of the week whole bunch of Wordpress deals significant amounts off certain plugins and themes. So if you're purchasing something this week go check that out. And the other one is to say WP bills.com forward slash advertise if you would like to have.
Your product or service advertised on the wp builds podcast, you can get yourself in front of a very WordPress specific audience. And another one to mention is WP builds.com forward slash win. If you go over there, we're currently running a competition for raffle press which is a plugin for WordPress that you can use to generate viral contests.
We're actually using it to run the contest to give away raffle press which is a bit meta but there you go. So yeah three. Time sorry, not lifetime three licenses the growth license. So it's their their highest annual tear you can get one of those three to give away and they've got a 199 dollar valuation.
So $199. There you go. Very nice indeed. The wp builds podcast is brought to you today by kin stir. Are you tired of unreliable or slow hosting? If so, check out kingster who takes managed WordPress hosting to the next level? Powered by the Google Cloud platform all their plans include PHP 7 SSH and 24/7 expert support and you can migrate today for free at kingster.com.
And we thank consider for their sport of WP builds. It really does help to keep these these Endeavors going and enables you to listen to them each week. So yeah, please do check out consider this week. Okay, let's get stuck into the WordPress news. Each and every week we divide our news up into various sections in the first section is always entitled WordPress core and there's a few bits of news on that front two bits.
In fact in the first article because they're both about exactly the same thing, which is the release of Wordpress 5.3 beta 1. I've got the article from wordpress.org and I've also got an article which covers the same topic from WP Tavern, but basically the release of 5.3 is. You to happen on November the 12th 2019 and so we're now in the run-up to that really the betta cycle has started and we're trying to track down Boggs and fix things.
There is actually an awful lot going into this release. So for example, there are 12 12 updates to the to the Guttenberg or block editor 12 releases I should say and so for example, they include things like group block and grouping interaction. Column block Improvement stable block improvements Gallery block improvements and so on I could go on and on for ages but there's also been a whole load of other improvements for example data module API improvements inserter help panel extensibility snack bar notices and more plus we've got a new theme which is the inspiration of Anders Norens to 2020.
Well, it's called 2020 is coming from his chaplain theme. And also a whole load of admin interface enhancements. So big images are going to be available to Wordpress. You're going to be able to resume uploads when they fail so let's say for example, you're uploading from your mobile phone and it somehow gets stopped.
Well that can be resumed. They'll be automatic image rotation during the upload process, which I think is quite neat site health checks have been improved to make it easier to identify and understand areas that may need troubleshooting and there's going to be admin. Male verifications so you'll now be able to periodically ask to check that your admin email address is up to date as a whole lot of other things like PHP 7.4 compatibility and date time component fixes.
So basically an absolute ton of stuff coming in 5.3 and I'm really looking forward to but it needs beta testing so you can go to the one on wordpress.org and register for that if you like to help out. The next article that I've got for you today actually draws very much on what we've just been talking about because it's on WP Tavern entitled WordPress 5.3 to introduce a new admin e-mail verification screen and it's exactly what it says.
Apparently we're going to have this admin e-mail verification screen that will be shown every six months or so after an admin has logged in so the point being that if you are an admin of a sight in your regularly logging in its kind of no big deal, you know, You're obviously aware of what your email address and you keeping tabs on it.
But there's a lot of Wordpress sites out there where this simply isn't the case, perhaps the admin was set up in some kind of one-click installation process or maybe the developer has got the admin credentials and has kind of disappeared. So the idea of this is it's going to be able to you're going to be able to update the admin email and it's going to be a requirement every six months or so it on that page that you're going to see there is.
Why is this important Lincoln it links over to a WordPress support article explaining all about this and why this has been added? I think it's a Nifty Nifty idea. It's a minor little thing. But obviously if you're not using Wordpress each and every day, but yet your WordPress site is important to you.
This could be a good way of ensuring that somebody somewhere has has administrative access and we know what the email address for that is. Just adding a little bit more detail to the 2020 thing that we mentioned a moment ago. There is another article on WP Tavern by Justin tadlock entitled 2020 bundled in core beta features overview and Justin who is a very expert developer in the WordPress space has taken a first look at the the beta of Wordpress 5.3.
And as looked at the 2020 theme is very much in Praise of it. I think he likes a lot of the style choices that are made. He likes a lot of the the choices that have been made in terms of bold headings that he thinks are opinionated. He likes things like the the pull quotes which attract your attention.
I rather like the look of it. I have to say I do like the. The fonts that they've gone for and the iconography it looks very very nice. Then it goes into the customizer options that are available. So the retina logo option option for showing or hiding a search icon in the header choice between showing the full post or summary header or footer color backgrounds and accent color and for sorry for links and so on and just really nice and he talks about how to custom how custom page templates can be implemented and then finally goes on to talk about the page load speed.
Page loading speed and he talks about the fact that it's still a fairly fairly fairly Hefty CSS file, but not as big as we had in 2019. So it's definitely going to be speeding sites up a little bit and then he's also got some links where you can see the development of this theme overtime. So great article. Staying on the subject of themes this time we're talking about the theme review team WP Tavern has an article entitled theme review team restructures into project Representatives. So the theme review team over the last few years as I think struggle to kind of keep up. There's been so many themes been put.
To the repository and keeping up has been difficult and so they've restructured themselves. And so they've kind of changed the name into project Representatives instead of review team leads. So the idea here is that instead of having a couple of people right at the top and people underneath them work their way up on a merit based system.
So eventually they become one of the two leads the idea of that was that it would last for six months and then they. Swap around but sometimes people weren't able to stop after six months and they kept going so that led to problems but also 6 months can be a long time and burnout can happen. So what they've decided to do is kind of flatten that structure and split it up into five different representative teams.
If you like, you've got the theme review Representatives the theme package Representatives the automation Representatives the theme handbook representatives and the communication Representatives. And these people won't have to sort of have a tenure of six months. They can drop in comeback. They can swap from one.
Team. I'm going to say to another I keep using the word team even though that's the the wrong way and the idea is that it sort of flattens the structure a little bit and makes it easier for this job to be done and everybody's got a bit more of a responsibility for everything and no two people are in charge of everything.
So it's an iterative process. This kind of restructuring has happened in the past will just have to wait and see how how this pans out. But spreading the spring the workload in this way seems like a good idea to. Let's change tack a little bit and go on to our next area our next subheading if you like, which is community.
We have an article entitled WordPress Community contributors to host free online diversity Workshop ahead of wordcamp USC regarding in WP Tavern tells us all about this. I'm it's going to be something that I think in the future. We're going to be talking a lot about diversity because we just had this conference this PHP conference cancelled due to the lack of a diverse lineup and its various people in the WordPress space.
So for example, Jill binder Ali nimmons and so on who want to change this we've got in wordcamp u.s. Whole bunch of topics that are going to be covered in a new community track things like me tops word camps. Inclusion and the diverse speaker workshops that Jill binder is going to be running is an idea that she's had these workshops.
She quotes are an essential piece to the whole puzzle for creating diverse communities attendance at events speak public speakers and ultimately leaders and organizers and her point is that really the WordPress community in particular had doesn't really have an excuse for not being diverse diverse.
It comes to things like word camps and so on because we have lots and lots of diversity in the community. But maybe it's things like imposter syndrome getting in the way and preventing people from from putting themselves up to speak at these events and so on and so forth. So the idea is that she's going to train people to to have the right mindset.
She's going to talk about the community speaking and you know public speaking and that kind of thing and I think this is. Really nice idea. You can read more. It's quite a long piece that Sarah Gooding has written on this and so go check it out. If diversity is something that you're interested in. We know that the environment is a topic which gets a lot of attention at the moment, but it's not so much something that we talked about in WordPress the environment WordPress out of a relatable Jack Lennox who is a employee of automatic. I think he works on the VIP team. Has set himself the task of producing the smallest possible put footprint that a WordPress site can possibly do and he's managed with his theme to get it down to about other payload is something like six kilobytes or something, but there's a really great video of one of his talks that you did at wordcamp Europe where he and now it's quite a long one.
I have to say it's about 45 minutes long, but he goes on to talk about the impact that this can have and how it can help save the planet now, there's so many unexpected. Things in this video so many considerations that I never really thought of, you know, the impact of requesting resources from third-party sites.
The the impact of having images that are larger than they really ought to be is just consuming electricity aka the Earth's resources and Jack has really set himself up as somebody who's trying to to really make a difference in this space and. Juice the amount of electricity in there by pollution that we're creating in the WordPress space the thus the Internet space, so I would urge you if you've got any interest in the environment and WordPress to go and look at Jack's talk.
It's it's really inspirational and race so many thoughts in my head that I independently would never have come to so cracking video. Thank you Jack. I have a memory of mentioning this last year. It's not something I've ever got involved in. And so it do excuse my ignorance on this one, but there is there is a thing called hack Tobar Fest and it is happening again this year.
It's sponsored by digital oshel ocean and Dev and the idea is that you go in and put in pull requests for GitHub repositories and just fix things. So it says that more than a 21,000 issues on GitHub of. Already been labeled facto before so this is not necessarily A WordPress thing. It's anything to do with open source, and apparently there's about a hundred and twenty WordPress related issues.
So that's really all I've got to say about that. If you are consider yourself somebody that would like to be involved in this there is no barrier to entry you could be a very experienced or or just the beginning of your coding Journey go and check this out and you might be able to fix a bug in an open source piece of software somewhere.
Just a moment ago. We were talking about diversity. Well Yost this week have a post called diversity inequality and Prejudiced a sociological exploration. Now, this is quite unusual for me because the point here that I'm mentioning is not about the article itself because you can read the article for yourself and it's a very.
Interesting article I have read it, but I'm not going to discuss it rather. I'm going to point out that this post was created in the block editor Guttenberg. And so they've created this interesting post and they've tried to push the boundaries with what's possible with the block editor and I think they did a really fabulous job.
So just go click on the post scroll down. It's huge. It's absolutely enormous and just sort of think to yourself. Okay. This was created in Guttenberg, you know, there's an awful. It's all made up of horizontal rows, but there's lots of animated gifts. I imagine that they are lots of different typography and floated images and so on and so forth and I just think it's a really nice illustration of where we're at.
We're at a nice simple design can be achieved through Guttenberg and you can certainly make something which looks very contemporary with the block editor so cracking job like it. I could well have put this next article inside the not WordPress but useful anyway, but I've included it because there are tangential references to Wordpress.
It's on TechCrunch and the Articles called Gatsby raises 15 million series a for its modern web development platform. Well Gatsby is a platform seemingly. I hear about this all the time now, it's not really a household name, but it's now being used since its Inception in 2015 by the likes of IBM PayPal.
Air B&B and so on and so forth and the idea is that it kind of does away with the old lamp stack and it moves to more modern if you like open source tools. It also does away with I'm going to quote monolithic CMS systems and instead brings together a variety of tools that still allow content creators to use platforms like WordPress or Drupal to create what's essentially a headless CMS in that case Gatsby simply becomes the presentation layer for the CMS.
Not something I've experimented with but 15 million dollars is obviously been taken in their series a round of funding which means that people are taking this seriously and obviously the names that I mentioned themselves lend to that credibility Gatsby itself is based upon Gatsby JS, which is an open source project and apparently two and two and a half thousand people have contributed since it began.
But anyway, there you go sort of giant shift potentially in the future. We'll see how this develops. Okay, let's move on now and talk about plugins. That's our next section plugins and themes over on WP Tavern we have information about a new plug-in which is on version 1.0 called WP helpful, which is a user feedback plug-in in this is just such a great idea.
I love this essentially what this plug-in allows you to achieve is it allows you to put the the arrangement of. Miserable icon face through to happy icon face this five of them and they get increasingly more happy the further you go to the right and the idea is that you just simply put this on your content or the end of your Kent content anywhere where you would like to be told how helpful was this, you know, so you've written a nice long article and you would like to have some feedback about it.
You you simply click on the face and then offer some written suggestions if you would like to and just in tadlock who has written this article he. How is easy to deploy you simply? Decides to put it at the end of your posts or you can use one simple shortcode WP helpful and that's it. There's nothing else to do particularly.
He also goes on though to to suggest how the plug-in could have extra premium features, but there's a very very nice section which I really commend Justin for called. How does the code stack up and this might not be for everybody but. We haven't really seen this on WP Tavern articles before you actually goes into the technicalities of how he feels it's been put together and he actually mentions things that need patching.
So that's just really good. So nice plug-in and I lovely right up describing the things that it does well and the things that he thinks it could be could be improved from a technological point of view. Next piece of plug-in news we've got is about a plug-in called raffle press now raffle press is quite interesting for a couple of reasons number one because we actually have a competition using raffle press on the wp builds website.
Go to WP builds.com forward slash Win, you'll be able to see the very top competition is a raffle press competition where were using raffle. To give away raffle press it says kind of viral plugin that allows you to enable people to sort of score points for doing certain activities online and the more points that they get the more chance.
They've got of winning whatever prize it is that you've offered and they've got an update this week where they've added the option to have as one of the things that they need to do in order to gather those points is to is to complete a survey or answer questions in a poll. So now in order, To gather those points.
They need to answer those questions or fill out the the survey in some way. So this might be quite a nice way of getting some data from your clients or customers and give them something back in return. The prizes are not limited to digital. It could be real world prizes, whatever you like. But anyway, go and check it out with WP bills.com forward slash Win and you might be able to actually win raffle press yourself three growth licenses of a one nine nine dollars valuation.
Elementor back this week with yet another amazing development. They've got a blog post entitled introducing Pro Gallery. I suggest that ready to make the most out of this you go and watch the video that been Pines has put together with element or Pro 2.7. You've got this new Pro Gallery widget and enables you to basically create any number of galleries you like with every conceivable way of displaying those galleries.
So for example, you can do grid layouts where everything is neatly arranged you could choose. He columns and rows you can justify everything you can put a masonry layout together and you can very quickly in the element or you I change the padding and the margins and also things like overlays so you can do CSS gradients and things like that.
I would like I say, I would reiterate go and watch the video. It's very short about two minutes. And it gives you an idea of what this what this is capable of one nice feature that they've added is the ability to have multiple galleries that can filter things. So for example, you might have a gallery of pictures from different years and you can click on the year above the gallery and it will just kind of with JavaScript move things out the way and reposition things so that the correct Gallery is showing so all included in Elemental Pro if you're using that you'd have to spend any more money it's just in.
There we go Gallery Pro or should I say Pro Gallery by Elemental? WP Tavern again this time an article entitled human made releases publication checklist plug-in designed for the block editor or human-made, which is a uk-based. Although massively distributed internationally team of Wordpress developers.
They have got this. Publication checklist plug-in, which they've released now. Apparently they have something similar which they use for the websites that they themselves ship out to their clients. And it's this platform is called Altis alt is so what they've done is they've taken this publication checklist plug-in and made it available.
Now, it's very bare-bones that is to say you would probably need to be a developer to Wrangle with this because there are. It isn't yet ready for General usage and you need to tweak it but nevertheless the idea is really cool. I think so Ryan McHugh talks in this blog post and he says because this is built for the block editor.
You can build the UI for your own checks in react allowing users to fix issues in line or providing richer interactions. For example, jump to block failing this check. So the idea is that before something is capable of being published it. Iterate through a whole range of checks. So for example, have you published this on Apple news yet?
Have you added an ALT tag or a caption to the image as is required have you adjusted the SEO settings and so on and so forth and unless those criteria have been met the the article simply can't be published. It also adds the capability to see the status of these tasks in the the posts. Admin UI.
But like I say not ready yet. There are no checks available by default. You'd have to build out your own but I could see this actually becoming something incredibly useful in WordPress itself WordPress core. I don't suppose that'll happen because 80% of the people are not going to need it, but I could see this being taken up by a developer and being very useful.
You can imagine setting your own criteria. So you don't accidentally publish something until all of the things that you need to do achieved. Very nice. We've spoken about editors kit a few times in the past, which is an add-on to the block editor enabling you to do all sorts of things like modify fonts and so on and so forth.
Well editors kit have made a tweet this week saying that they well, I don't know whether this is out or not, but they're going to have the estimated reading time available in the Guttenberg interface. So I think it calculates this all by itself like medium does and as soon as you click on the information icon.
I icon in the block editor. It will show you the estimated reading time for particular article, which presumably then you could add with a shortcode to the to the header of your post so that people could judge for themselves whether they wanted to pursue it or not. But yeah lovely well done Jeffrey for another nice addition to editors kit.
A Different Page Builder this time the Breezy page builder. They've got version 1.0 .82 and the Articles entitled improved UI optimizations and free shape dividers. So they've shipped a few things from the pro version over to the free version, which is always a nice way around to do it. So if you've got the free version only you've got some new capabilities in the article they talk about the fact that these objects take a little bit of time.
They hope that the community stick with them. So they've got an improved UI for styling all the borders and Shadow options were moved on the colors section and this simplifies the interface, but also it lets you set different options for the normal and hover States. They've also tightened up the Color Picker adding different styles in a in a nice drop down that was overlaid on the top of the color wheel and the height of the toolbars is important when you're working in Breezy, it says and this is one of the things that we're always looking to.
Improve they've also added the capability to have normal and hover States so that you can just flick between those you've also got this great little feature where you can now have text image mask. So let's say you've got a lovely big fonts, which is lovely and wide and fat and enormous and you would like to put an image behind it.
You can do that. You can apply gradients to it as well. And also there's Now text Shadows available which apparently wasn't possible before. In the UI the the panel which sweeps in from the left where you choose what modules which elements you want to drop onto the page you can now search so you can go into a text field and search for elements, but you can also toggle on and off the ones that you would like and would not like to see so they use the example of SoundCloud their SoundCloud module.
If you never use that you can just say switch it off. I don't want to see that again and it'll be gone. They've also got shape dividers as I said some features that got have gone. Pro to free shape dividers is one of those and they've also made some optimizations under the hood, but you can read more about this if you click on the link. The next section is entitled deals of the week and I've got to or rather kind of feels like one. They're both from the same developer. So two themes that have come out available this week have got themselves 30% off. If you click in the show notes, you'll find the coupon code there click on the links and apply the coupon code.
You'll get 30% off. These are from a window Duque. Who is the chap behind? WP admin Pages Pro and WP Ultimo and these are themes which are specifically designed to make a difference in the wp admin area. So they're not the front and type of themes which the client would see these are to sweeten and make the admin area look different.
So this might be good. If you're giving your clients the sights and you want them to have something which looks a bit different to Wordpress perhaps if you've got a Wes or website as a service. Anyway, they're called one of them is called. Material WP and one of them is just called Pro theme and go and check them out.
I think they're rather nice but also that the point here is that you get 30% off them if you use the coupon code mentioned in the show notes. Right. Let's do quickly do the security section. We don't really touch on security in great detail, but I will I'll mention what I've got for you this week.
First one is actually a thing about a product which is where barks they've got this thing called malware cleanup guarantee and I didn't really know either this is new or I didn't know about it, but it says did you know that you can get a complete malware cleanup guarantee for all your sites and they say whenever something happens to any of your sites, for example.
Your password leaks UPC gets infected and so on and so forth sounds horrible, but they will do a manual clean. If you've got a Webb box account. You just go to the portal click on the billing link and enable this for an additional three dollars 49 cents per month now not sure if that's per site or if that's per account.
You know, if you got a hundred sites in there that might not apply. I don't really know. But anyway the point is that this seems like a very. Affordable way of doing it and you get them to do it absolutely manually. So that's that's a nice thing. The other two pieces in the security section are from the wordfriends blog.
I won't go into the details, but I'll just mention the plug-in names zero-day vulnerability in Rich reviews plug-in, which is being exploited in the wild. So rich reviews plug-in if that rings a bell really go and get that updated or check it out and authentication bypass vulnerability in give WP plugin.
I know that give WP is a plug-in which is used very widely lots and lots of installs and. So yeah again that is being well, it has an exploit. So go and get it checked out if you've got that on any of your sites. The unapologetically self-promotional wp build section always laugh when I say that we have three things for you this week.
We launched a podcast. It's a number a hundred forty-seven and entitled. What does it mean to fail? So discussion with David Warmsley and iron we talk about, you know, the fact that we all experience failure at some point. And what does that actually mean, you know, can you have control over everything in your business?
Is it possible for you to never fail at things? What what kind of failure do you. Altars being a failure. Are you the kind of person that can get over things quickly. Are you the kind of person that sweats all the details and can't let go. So that's it. That was a nice one had some nice comments back saying that they know lots of people have enjoyed listening to this particularly Belinda white.
So, there you go. You got your mention Belinda. The next one on the want to talk about was we had Kyle Van deusen from the admin bar on a contribute episode of WP builds contribute episode this week talking about his new product the website owners manual now, this is a document which you could hand over to your clients. And essentially it's a guide to try and get them onto your care plans to create some recurring revenue for you.
It gives you all sorts of scripts for how you can combat the the pushback that you might get also scripts for how you can approach clients who've decided in the. They didn't want it, but maybe you're trying to convert them back on to it. Perhaps they're thinking of leaving and scripts to sort of reiterate why they ought to stay.
Basically. It's a way of showing them the magnitude of the task that they might be getting ourselves into if they don't get on your care plan and you can go and check it out. We have a coupon code as well which you can use its WP builds and you'll be able to get yourself. I think it's 20 percent off the price of that for a short period of time and the last one was just.
You say that we had a post in the wp builds Facebook group, which I would absolutely recommend that you go and join by David Warmsley who was asking the question changing the wp admin URL can help with security and server load. So should we all do it? It was a nice thread. Lots of people chipping in saying, you know security through obscurity doesn't really do much other people saying different ways that they find that this could be helpful and really it's just a testament as I mentioned last week for how cool.
WP builds Facebook group is it's a great place for very polite thoughts well-thought-out and ponderous conversation. Very good. I started this section called jobs with the the high aspiration that lots of people would reach out to me and tell me about jobs that they've got going on this week. I've got nothing but again, I'm sticking with it.
I want people to tell me if they've got any jobs. This might be a very quick and simple way of finding an employee. So if you know of any jobs, let me know if you've got some jobs. Let me know if you're available. Maybe maybe let me know about that as well. Okay, the last section is non WordPress, but useful anyway, there's a chap called Richard stallman who has been behind open source, since it's very beginning and he had he has kind of resigned his position.
Now. I am not going to get into the weeds of the conversation because it involves all sorts of difficult moral and ethical dilemmas, but it's just to say that he has stepped down for a whole bunch of reasons and it would be kind of interesting. I supposed to strike up a conversation about. Whether or not he should have been in the position of power if you like he has had for such a long time and what the boundaries are between his opinions and his and his work whether to overlaps and whether his opinions should should have forced him to step down.
Like I said, I'm not going to get involved in that. But anyway Richard stallman a very long devotee of open-source has stepped down for all sorts of interesting reasons. Shall we say? If you've seen the film Ready Player One the all know that they're in that film there's a world that you can access via some VR goggles called The Oasis and it's very compelling and addictive.
Well Facebook who I suppose in a way are the masters of compelling and addictive have decided they're going to launch in closed beta at the end of next year something called Horizon, which is trying to mimic that idea. It's much more cartoony than the Oasis was in that film. But the idea is that you'll be able to go there build your own environments play games socialize watch films hook up with friends all in user-generated Landscapes the it's much different to the Ready Player One version because everything's got a much brighter color the characters that you adopt look completely different, you know got big heads and absolutely no legs whatsoever you your characters move around and they look like they're walking but they don't have legs very.
Anyway, maybe if you're into VR and all that this can bring go and check it out. Very interesting. I wonder how much time people spend doing things like this in the future. If that wasn't dystopian enough for you, check out Atlas the humanoid robot showing off new and improved gymnastics routines.
So again on TechCrunch, this is the Boston Dynamics folk who each each month or two seemed to bring out a new and extraordinary capability on a robot. So now we have a robot literally doing gymnastics routines, you know jumping doing somersaults forward rolls back flips spins and so on just go check it out.
It's absolutely. Nominal and and you know again stretch into the future little bit scary. I've got a new service for you this week. This one's called Audi S. I think it's probably pronounced. It's called Unleash Your music. It's kind of a streaming service for up and coming artists. So I've got nothing really to say about it because I haven't really looked at it but I thought it might be quite nice for people to get into it's for people who create music you can listen to people who are kind of like unsigned.
So it's a bit like Spotify for Quality artists who haven't got another. You know like a record label or can't get themselves on Spotify and so on and so forth. It looks really compelling the website looks very professional and the write-ups that I've read so far look really good. I think it would be a nice aspiration.
I don't know if I'll manage it every week but wouldn't it be nice if I could end each of these news episodes with a nice piece of news? Well, this is a nice piece of news. Nothing to do with the interwebs or anything. This is a tweet and it says projects there's a project in Stockholm. It's a pilot project and it says photo radar cameras measure speed of passing cars those above the speed limit receive a fine and those below entered into a lottery.
Chance to win a portion of the fines from the Speeders great idea the Swedish people. They're so full of great ideas. So many great things in Sweden and yeah, just wonderful. So if you go slow you might win some cash. That's all the WordPress news I've got for you this week. I hope you enjoyed it.
As always. I hope that you got something useful out of it. The wp builds newsletter was brought to you today by kingster consider takes managed WordPress hosting to the next level powered by the Google Cloud platform. Your site is secured like Fort Knox and runs on speed obsessive architecture you get access to the latest software developer tools such as PHP 7 SSH and staging environments and the best part their expert team of Wordpress Engineers are available 24/7 if you need help so you can migrate today for free Atkins stir.com.
Okay, join us next week. When we'll bring you some more news for the week, which is just beginning if you can manage it join us at 2 p.m. UK time in the Facebook group. Actually if you just go to WP builds.com /live able to see the live feed, but if you're in the wp builds Facebook group, then you can you join us there WP builds.com forward slash Facebook to join that group and if we don't see you either those two things, maybe next Thursday when we have our.
WordPress podcast coming out. Also, I should mention that we've got our regular UI and ux review with Peach and Airy that's on the 2nd of October and I'll mention more about that in other places closer to the time, but that's going to be live as well. Okay. I hope you enjoy that. Bye. Bye for now.

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