248 – How Gravity Hopper will take care of all your Gravity Forms

How Gravity Hopper will take care of all your Gravity Forms - WP Builds Podcast #248

So on the podcast today we have Joshua Vandercar from Gravity Hopper which is a plug that allows you to have a central dashboard for all your Gravity Forms. Joshua is employed by Rocket Genius, the developers of Gravity Forms, so he knows a thing or two about how it all works! The idea is that you create a standalone install of WordPress is put the Gravity Hopper plugin on there and from that moment on you have a central dashboard from which you can handle all of your forms on all of your websites. With Gravity Hopper you can squirrel those forms away and deploy them with just a few clicks on other sites. In fact the magic goes a little further than that, because it might be that you only want to deploy a collection of commonly used fields and not entire forms? That’s possible too, and so are field groups, sections and so on. There’s a lot more to the plugin than this, so check out the podcast today and see if Gravity Hopper can help you save time and effort with your Gravity Forms.

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220 – ‘F’ is for forms

'F' is for forms - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #220

It’s another of chats in the series called the A-Z of WordPress where we attempt to cover all the major aspects to building and maintaining sites with WP. Today is F for… Forms. We expect most sites to have a contact form. Something that does not require the visitor to launch an email client, but there’s so many other things that forms plugins have brought under their control. Payments, user registration, post creation and much more. We’re also very lucky that the WordPress forms space is so competitive; so many great options to choose from. So today on the podcast we talk about forms, what we’ve used, what we like and what they can be used for. Go check out the podcast…

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146 – Refining our website building process with James and Martin Coates

Refining our website building process with James and Martin Coates - WP Builds WordPress podcast

What to know how a growing WordPress website agency manages their projects? Well this is the podcast for you. Today we hear from James and Martin Coates from Impact Media. They tell us about the tools that they use to make their agency as efficient as possible. Wireframes to video creation, image manipulation to automated testing we learn it all. We also chat about their preferred plugins for particular tasks. It’s a great chat and will give you some insights into processes that, no doubt are part of your business, but perhaps you’ll see a new way or a new tool that you might be able to use. Go have a listen on the WP Builds WordPress podcast…

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