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123 – Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona

123 - Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Joe has been in the WordPress space for years and years. Working as a freelancer at the start, then as a member of a large agency. All of that is now behind him and he’s got a whole heap of different things that he’s doing. He’s a podcaster, a creator of videos for himself and for third parties, but perhaps most importantly he’s a creator of online courses in the WordPress space. If you want to find out why he’s so successful then listen to this episode…

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90 – Gutenberg – Let’s have a Block Party with Eric Debelak

90 - Gutenberg - Let's have a Block Party with Eric Debelak

This week we have Eric Debelak on the podcast talking about… what else… Gutenberg! Eric is a bit of a fan of Gutenberg. So much so in fact that he’s spent quite a bit of time working on a project specifically for Gutenberg. It’s called WPBlocks.Party! Seeing as how the WordPress community is full of clever people, those same clever people (like Eric) decided that it would be very nice to have more than just the standard set of blocks that Gutenberg comes with. We need more than just text and images and videos in a modern platform don’t we?

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