108 – Make your blog posts work harder for you with Ben Dell from Missinglettr

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Discussion – Make your blog posts work harder for you with Ben Dell from Missinglettr

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Hi there. I hope that your Christmas was okay (if that’s your thing) and that you are looking forward to the New Year!

Today we have an episode that deals with something very dear to my heart, writing blog posts – like this one! One of the problems that I have is that I write a post like this in WordPress and then publish it. It goes onto the website and I hope that people like you will read it and listen to the podcast episode.

However, we’re all busy people these days and it might be that you miss this post. I could roll over and accept that you’ve missed my wonderful content, or I could try to make sure that you see it at some point in the future.

If you’re writing blog posts, you might be thinking that your posts have value long after the day that you write them. You know that there is great content in there and that long into the future people will want to read it. You can hope that Google does you a favour and drives people to your post, or you can take matters into your own hands.

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That’s where Missinglettr comes in. It’s a SaaS app that allows you to get more value from each and every post that you create.

Here’s how it works… You link your blog feed URL to Missinglettr and it then starts to monitor it every few minutes for fresh content. Any time that you post fresh content, the app will know about it right away. It will then go through your content and their AI will distill your post into a bunch of quotes from the post. After it has done that it will send you an email alerting you to the fact that they are ready for you to review it and post it.

So you click on the link on the email and go to Missinglettr and make decisions about what it is that you’d like to post over the next year. Yes, you read that right… the next year!

The app will show you a bunch of content that will fit neatly into all of your chosen platforms (think Facebook, Twitter et al.) and all you have to do is decide what to post and click a few buttons.

Now I make this seem like it’s all automated, but Missinglettr have taken an interesting approach to automation. Whilst the platform will scrape your content for you and get all of the quotes lined up and select images from your post that might be suitable, you are ultimately in charge of deciding what to post. The platform will not post without your express permission. This is important, and it’s a design choice that Ben has taken for some good reasons. Automated posting is all well and good but if you just allow apps to post on your behalf then that could get messy, especially if, like Missinglettr, you are allowing them to create bespoke content for you; allowing them to post parts of your blog and not others. They decided that they would create the content for you and then leave it for you to decide exactly what gets posted and to where.

As an example, when I hit publish on this post I will receive an email from Missinglettr letting me know that it has found my content and created some posts that I can use over the next year, but it will not post them. I log in and decide if the AI posts are what I really want to use. If I don’t like the image, I click an arrow and chose another one from the post. If the text is not exactly what I wanted then to scrape, I can either decide to use another scraped excerpt, or just rewrite it manually. I can set this up so that it posts this as many times as I like within a year. In other words you decide what you actually post, they provide the content that you might post. You see that’s the bit that takes the time, creating the posts themselves, not the decision making.

So if you have clients that are in need of some time saving with they social media posting, then Missinglettr might just be the thing that you need.

We also talk about Ben’s (uber) conference called Uppercase. This is possibly the biggest online conference that you’ve ever heard of. It’s now finished, but you can get the webinar replays using the link below. The interesting thing though is that creating the Uppercase conference got a little bit out of control! When Ben started thinking about Uppercase, he was thinking it would be quite small, but it grew beyond his wildest dreams. A fews weeks after starting down the Uppercase road, Ben had a two week conference with 102 speakers. As if that was not impressive enough, Ben decided that he’d build an entire conference organisation app called Hey Summit – by himself!

Ben is a dynamo and I hope that enjoy this episode.

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