107 – The top 5 reasons why we are web designers

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Discussion – The top 5 reasons why we are web designers

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First, this is the last episode before Christmas, so I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope that you manage to get some time away from the screen! It’s so great to have so many regular listeners and people in the Facebook group with us. You are very much appreciated!

This episode is a little bit of a departure for us as it was inspired by the people in the WP Builds Facebook group (which you should join BTW). It is all based upon this thread in which David asked the simple question, “What’s the one thing you love about building client websites?”

Well, I think that both of us thought that this might get one or two comments, but in fact they poured in – 119 of them at the last count. It was really wonderful to read all of the varied things that you love about the work that we all do. Some of the answers were very straightforward, others were completely unexpected.

So, I would like to do is to thank you all for your contributions. It means a lot that you’re in our little group and that you took the time to add your thoughts. I’m also really sorry if you added a comment but did not get a mention on the podcast.

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There were so many that we decided that it would be best to group them into broad categories so that we could discuss them better. The categories were:

  • Helping others
  • Having a challenge (tech and business problem solving)
  • Making money
  • Creative outlet
  • Personal freedoms
  • Working with interesting people

Aren’t they wonderfully different? Remember that the questions asked for only one thing, so it might be that many of us would happily fit into several of these categories. In fact, I started out this conversation thinking that I was best fitting in the ‘having a challenge’ category, and then I realised that what I really loved the most is the ‘personal freedoms’.

Of all the times of year that we could be having this conversation, perhaps it’s fitting that just before Christmas we take stock and focus upon the reasons why we like working with WordPress, building websites. All too often we hear about the problems that we’ve got, the reasons why we are irritated by clients, the fact that we are not getting the right kind of work, the latest update to our favourite plugin just destroyed the universe. We redress that in this episode and focus upon what it is that we love.

It’s refreshing to remember that most of the time this is a great industry to be in and we’re so lucky to have found it. We can help others get on the web and impact their lives, we can overcome the challenges that the job creates in the communities that we have online and in meetups, it pays our wages each and every month, we get to be creative in a way that many, many other jobs simply would not allow, and we get the freedom to do things when we want to do them (well, some of us do)! In short, it’s a great job and we’ve all got a lot to be thankful for, a lot to love!

I recommend that you listen to this one with a glass of mulled wine and a smile on your face!

Until next time… Happy Christmas 2018!

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Nathan Wrigley

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