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WP Builds - Webinar - Content Snare

How to easily get content from your clients

About This Webinar

In this webinar James Rose, the founder of Content Snare, will explain how to best manage the process of getting content out of your client.

We all know this headache don’t we? We’ve won the proposal stage and got started on the project only to realise that your client is unwilling to give us what we need, when we need it, in the format that we want it.

Sure, we could make countless phone calls and write an almost unlimited number of emails, but surely there’s a better way? There is…

James has spent the last few years making the gathering of content from clients his mission. In that process he’s worked out some tips that you might not have thought of, but also built a SaaS app specifically to take this pain away.

Remember, if you register, you’ll get a replay too, so that you can watch it to your heart’s content!

WP Builds - Webinar - Beaver Team Pro

Learn how to use Beaver Team Pro to speed up your website builds

About This Webinar

In this webinar, Tom Carless will show you how you can leverage his Beaver Team Pro WordPress plugin to speed up your website builds.

Beaver Team Pro allows you to make some of the tasks that you do day-to-day with Beaver Builder even easier! Want all buttons on your site to look the same – done! Want all new headers to look the same before you begin to edit them – done! Perhaps you get annoyed with caching issues – no more, it’ll clean the caches every single time to click ‘save’.

There’s a whole load more that you will see too, so join Nathan Wrigley (WP Builds) and Tom Carless (Beaver Team) for an AMA webinar on Thursday 11th October 2018 at 2pm (UK time) to find out more. If you sign up but don’t attend, we’ll make sure to send you a replay!

WP Builds - Webinar - Better Proposals

How to send ‘Better Proposals’ AMA

About this webinar

In this AMA webinar, Adam Hempenstall, the founder of Better Proposals will show you how you can create compelling proposals.

Better Proposals is a SaaS app dedicated to one thing – making your proposals stand out from the crowd and get you the gig. He built this and has studied many, many proposals since then, in other words he knows proposals and how to write ones that get you the work.

Adam will show you the some real life proposals, highlighting the good and the bad. You should leave the webinar with a clearer understanding of what essentials you need to pack into your proposals if they are going to impress your clients and land you the job.

Come and join us and learn how you too can write successful proposals.

WP Builds - Webinar - WP Ultimo

Use WP Ultimo to Create a Turnkey Website Business

About This Webinar

Ever thought of having a turnkey website business? A business in which people can simply pay for their website and ‘all the things’ are automated?

With WP Ultimo you can do all of this. You leverage the power of WordPress Multisite to enable your clients to have their website on a platform that you own and run.

Once you’ve got it all set up, you can tweak it to your heart’s content!

Arindo Duque, the developer of WP Ultimo will give you a tour of his great plugin. He will explain how you can simply create client websites, with all the many options that WP Ultimo brings to the table.

WP Builds - Webinar - Kanban for WP

Kanban for WP ‘AMA’

About This Webinar

Learn how to turn your current install of WordPress into a powerful task and project management solution.

Do more with your WordPress site.

Use Kanban for WordPress for project management, to track sales, as an editorial calendar, and more!

Come join us on a podcast to learn more about the Kanban for WP plugin developed by WP Builds guest Corey Maass.

He’ll explain how the plug works and what you can use it for.

If you like keeping things under your own control, and we all use WordPress right, then this might be just the podcast for you.

WP Builds - Webinar - Project Huddle

Project Huddle AMA Webinar [finished]

About this webinar

A WordPress plugin for website and design communication.

It’s like sticky notes on your designs & web projects.

Collect visual feedback right on top of your design images, wireframes, logo sketches, photography and more.

Gather and manage clear, contextual comments directly on top of your live website or web app.

Get clear, contextual feedback Keep right on top of your websites and designs. Say goodbye to obscure requests and long, unreadable email chains! Stay organized, save time and move forward with the project.

ProjectHuddle is self-hosted, which means your data is always private, and it’s 100% brandable so that it matches your business. Tweak every part of Projecthuddle to your heart’s desire.


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