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Using HeySummit to power your online summit - WP Builds Webinars

Using HeySummit to power your online summit

Get HeySummit here: https://wpbuilds.com/link/heysummit-appsumo/

In this webinar, Ben Dell, the founder of HeySummit will explain how to use the app to supercharge your online summits.

The app allows you to automate much of the process of setting up your summit… you can set up your summit, have a custom domain, automate the process of creating documents and images to promote the summit.

It’s a super powerful app with enormous potential to save you time and money. If you’re serious about running a summit you need to check out HeySummit.

Create a custom WordPress admin using WP Admin Pages Pro

Create a custom WordPress admin using WP Admin Pages Pro

In this webinar the founder of WP Admin Pages Pro will explain how you can use your Page Builder to create unique pages for the WordPress admin area.

This could be a real value add for clients who get confused and frustrated with the admin areas little quirks.

It’s easy to get confused with the admin area. Things that you need are buried in hard to find menus. Some things are not at all where you’d expect them to be. Make all of that pain go away, and set your offering apart from the crowd.

Build anything that you like… make it beautiful… make it functional… make it both!

If you’ve used a WordPress Page Builder before then you know that the sky is the limit.

Join us as Arindo Duque explains how to use the plugin and how it could transform the way that your clients interact with the websites that you build.

Join us on Thursday 11th April 2019 at 2pm (UK time) to find out more…

GeneratePress and Elementor Design Course - WP Builds Webinar

An in-depth, proven process, for building beautifully branded websites

Get 15% off Design Class – head over the WP Builds Deals Page and look for the Design Class image…

Some websites look polished, cohesive, captivating, flawlessly beautiful, and were evidently built by a professional. Other websites, well, let’s just say that they look unbranded, underwhelmingly cluttered, unattractive, messy, difficult to navigate and seem to have been patched together by an inexperienced amateur.

There are secrets to turning a website from ‘meh’ to a flawlessly designed digital masterpiece. Mor knows what they are and is going to reveal some of the secret sauce to us.

Whatever tools you’re using, be it Elementor, Beaver Builder or another Page Builder, the principles are the same. And before you ask, it’s not crucial what theme you have installed either. This is about good design and thinking through the problems that you might encounter so that you end up with a website design that you can be proud of.

Join us for a live webinar and ask Mor your questions.

Join us on Wednesday 10th April at 2pm (UK time)

How Lifter LMS and WordPress can power your online course - WP Builds webinar

How Lifter LMS and WordPress can power your online course

Have you ever wanted to launch your own online course? You’ve got something that you want to share with the world but did not know how to get started?

In this live webinar the founder and CEO of LifterLMS will show you how you can use WordPress (the #1 system on the planet for creating websites) and LifterLMS to do just that.

LifterLMS is a Learning Management System which is built on top of WordPress as a plugin. Is super simple to use and has loads of powerful features which will mean that you’re going to be able to customise every-single-thing that your students will experience.

It contains all of the components to create, sell and protect you course materials.

Whatever stage you’re at with your online course aspirations, LifterLMS will be a great fit.

Join this live webinar to find out more and ask Chris your questions.

7pm (UK time) on 28th February 2019.

How to make your social media posting way easier with Social Web Suite

How to make your social media posting way easier with Social Web Suite

Do you find it time consuming and tedious to post all of your great content across all the social channels you need to? I know that I do.

If you’re creating content regularly, then you’ll know that you have to post it across multiple social media channels. You have to because these days your audience’s eyes are not all fixed upon one platform, and you will miss out on lots of traffic if you only post in one place.

The problem is that posting to multiple channels takes time, and right after you’ve completed your article is the last time you want to log in to various websites and post. Social Web Suite takes that pain away…

It will auto-post to your social media channels for you – right at the moment that you click ‘publish’. Nice!

It does way more than that though… Want to post the same article over the next month or year, Social Web Suite has got you covered. Want to create different content for each channel… got that covered too!

Come and join the founder of Social Wed Suite, Tina Todorovic, and see what it can do to save you time and effort.

Join this live webinar to find out more and ask Adrian your questions.

2pm (UK time) on 28st March 2019.

Using the Groundhogg WordPress plugin as your marketing and CRM tool

Using the Groundhogg WordPress plugin as your marketing and CRM tool

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In this webinar we will show you how you can use the new Groundhogg WordPress plugin for all of your marketing and CRM automations.

This powerful tool allows you to set up your automation sequences with a simple drag and drop interface.

If you’re tired of paying for a multitude of services and would like to use your WordPress website to handle it all, then this might well be the plugin that you’ve been waiting for.

There’s a full featured free version as well as a few extra premium addons, which means that you’ve got no reason to hold off giving it a go!

Come and join us on the webinar to find out how it all works and how you can set up your automations from the person who really knows how to use it – the creator of Groundhogg!

Join this live webinar to find out more and ask Adrian your questions.

2pm (UK time) on 21st March 2019.

Remember to go to the WP Builds Deals page to get 25% off Groundhogg!

How to secure your site with WebARX

How to secure your site with WebARX

About This Webinar

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We all know that websites are always under attack. Hackers are trying to take hold of them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re trying to deface your site so that your reputation takes a hit. Maybe they are placing links to other sites from your site; your hard won SEO will drain away if this happens. They might even be trying to use your hosting resources so that they can min Cryptocurrencies! The possibilities are really endless.

Sadly, this kind of thing is increasing year-on-year and the attackers are getting better and better at taking over websites.

WordPress, being the dominant platform for creating websites, is an obvious target. It’s not that WordPress any worse, but there are just so many sites, each with their own array of plugins and themes.

Oliver Sild founded WebARX to stop you having to worry about all that. It’s purpose is to stop the bad guys getting in and to give you the tools to better understand what you need to do to keep your site safe.

Come and join us and ask Oliver about WebARX and see how it can fit into your WordPress website.

WP Builds - Webinar - Client Portal

How to use the Client Portal WordPress plugin to have happier clients

About This Webinar

In this webinar, Laura Elizabeth, the founder of Client Portal, will walk you through how you can use the WordPress plugin to make your client interactions easier.

Client Portal allows you to set up an online area where your clients can some and see the progress of their project.

The beauty of Client Portal is the fact that it makes no assumptions. You can make it anything that you like, and it’s really easy to make it exactly the way that you like it.

Watch Laura Elizabeth as she explains how Client Portal can transform the way that you work with your clients.


How to use CartFlows to make WordPress eCommerce easy – Replay

About this webinar

WordPress eCommerce can be hard. There are lots of options but they’re not usually as optimised as some of the popular, and expensive SaaS apps are.

CartFlows is here to change that. It’s a brand new WordPress eCommerce solution that enables you to create optimised funnels (aka ‘Flows’) so that you get the most out of each and every website visitor.

The plugin leverages your Page Builder such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi or Brizy to alter all the pages within the cart with tools that you already know and use.

The best part though is that the creation of the funnels is just a mouse click away. With pre-built funnels templates you can be up and running in just a few minutes and any changes that you make to the order of the funnels will be saved automatically.

Adam Preiser is here to explain how he decided to build this platform, and more importantly, how it all works. He’ll show us around and demo the simplicity and power of CartFlows.

Come and join us and get your questions answered from the founder of the plugin!

WP Builds - Webinar - Episode 100 Live

WP Builds – Episode 100 – LIVE! – Replay

About This Webinar

In this LIVE Webinar we celebrate the 100th episode of the WP Builds podcast!

Who’d have thought that we’d get this far? Who cares that we did anyway!

We’re going to be doing the podcast with a few people who have been really helpful in the WP Builds community and we’re also going to be pulling the names out of the hat to see who has won the “Episode 100 “Quite Good” Giveaway” prizes!

All in all it should be a complete and utter waste of your time, but then, you’re probably looking for a reason not to work, and this is that reason!



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