UX for everyone – speed up your design process with UX

UX for everyone – speed up your design process with UX

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 1:00 pm - for approx. 1 hour
Hosted by: Nathan Wrigley and Piccia Neri

Think that the UX process is only for big agencies with big clients and big budgets? Are you afraid of UX and think that you will never be able to use it because you are too small?

Think again!

Piccia used to be like you: worried that she could never apply the UX process to her small clients and projects.

But then she realised that UX is absolutely vital to creating websites, apps and products that people actually enjoy and want to use.

So she set off to create her own UX process: perfect for a tiny team – even a team of one – working with small and medium clients who might have heard of UX, but think they’ll never get it.

Because UX research and methodology can, and even must, be part of *any* project, no matter the size.

UX is, quite simply, where *any* project should start from. It’s the art of learning how to give the humans who use your products what they want.

Applying a solid UX process to your projects will speed them up (yes!). It will give you one more product to sell as an extra to your clients. It will position you as an expert, as well as giving you recurring revenue opportunities with optimisation.

Come and learn how Piccia approaches UX and ask her questions in this LIVE webinar!