How to send ‘Better Proposals’ AMA – Replay

How to send ‘Better Proposals’ AMA – Replay

Thursday, September 27, 2018 2:00 pm - for approx. 1 hour
Hosted by: Nathan Wrigley and Adam Hempenstall (founder)

About this webinar

In this AMA webinar, Adam Hempenstall, the founder of Better Proposals will show you how you can create compelling proposals.

Better Proposals is a SaaS app dedicated to one thing – making your proposals stand out from the crowd and get you the gig. He built this and has studied many, many proposals since then, in other words he knows proposals and how to write ones that get you the work.

Adam will show you the some real life proposals, highlighting the good and the bad. You should leave the webinar with a clearer understanding of what essentials you need to pack into your proposals if they are going to impress your clients and land you the job.

Come and join us and learn how you too can write successful proposals.