How to secure your site with WebARX

How to secure your site with WebARX

Thursday, February 21, 2019 1:00 pm - for approx. 1 hour
Hosted by: Nathan Wrigley and Oliver Sild (founder)

About This Webinar

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We all know that websites are always under attack. Hackers are trying to take hold of them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re trying to deface your site so that your reputation takes a hit. Maybe they are placing links to other sites from your site; your hard won SEO will drain away if this happens. They might even be trying to use your hosting resources so that they can min Cryptocurrencies! The possibilities are really endless.

Sadly, this kind of thing is increasing year-on-year and the attackers are getting better and better at taking over websites.

WordPress, being the dominant platform for creating websites, is an obvious target. It’s not that WordPress any worse, but there are just so many sites, each with their own array of plugins and themes.

Oliver Sild founded WebARX to stop you having to worry about all that. It’s purpose is to stop the bad guys getting in and to give you the tools to better understand what you need to do to keep your site safe.

Come and join us and ask Oliver about WebARX and see how it can fit into your WordPress website.