WP Builds Weekly WordPress News #107 – WordPress 5.4 RC5, remote working and a cool toy

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 23rd March 2020:

WordPress Core

WordPress 5.4 RC5

Gutenberg 7.8 Adds Patterns API and Continues Interface Cleanup

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Finding Balance in These Uncertain Times: Remote Work and Sharing Our Struggles

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How to deal with customers who want to cancel a care plan

Yoast Publishes Free Online Training Course for the Block Editor

Still No Wood Grain: WP Tavern Design Update

Staying Connected to the WordPress Community

Plugins / Themes / Blocks

Toolset Blocks and Views Updated for WordPress 5.4

Restore Backups from WP Dashboard with More Remote Destination Support in BackupBuddy 8.5.5.

Beaver Builder 2.4 Alpha

Assistant – Every Day Productivity Apps

Try Out The Hub 2.0 Beta

Deals from this week

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Mailpoet Lifetime Deal – $49

Happy Forms Lifetime Deal – $49

WPfomify Lifetime Deal – $49


WordPress and Apache Struts account for 55% of all weaponized vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities Patched in IMPress for IDX Broker

Vulnerabilities Patched in the Data Tables Generator by Supsystic Plugin

An In-Depth Analysis Of The WP-VCD Malware

WordPress Vulnerability Roundup: March 2020, Part 2

WP Builds

172 – Growth v staying small


Gravity Forms – Content Marketer

Wordfence – UX designer

LifterLMS Customer Support Remote Work Opportunity

Not WordPress, but useful anyway…


Google Offers $340 Million Advertising Credits

Safari Announces Full 3rd Party Cookie Blocking

Man from Sidcup runs marathon in his garden

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Nathan Wrigley

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WP Builds WordPress Podcast



WP Builds WordPress Podcast
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