100 – The LIVE (disaster) podcast!

100 – The LIVE (disaster) podcast!

In this episode:

Discussion – The LIVE podcast! – [1:39]

With our special guests: Jim Galiano and David McCan

In this LIVE Webinar we celebrate the 100th episode of the WP Builds podcast!

It was a bit of a technological disaster! David Waumsley and I both got kicked out of the webinar before it had started and then we in a webinar all alone for 28 minutes as the webinar tech support worked out what went wrong.

Page Builder Framework - The only theme you'll ever need

Jim and David McCan held the fort until we returned – very cool!

We discussed what we think are the things that will happen in WordPress over the next two years or so. It’s a bit of a ramble, but I can promise you that next week we’ll be back to normal!!!

Who’d have thought that we’d get this far? Who cares that we did anyway!

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Thanks for sticking with us!

Mentioned in this episode:

The list of prize winners!

This is what we used to generate the random numbers for the prize draw.

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