WP Builds Newsletter #33 – Gutenberg release date, WordCamp Europe and Google pay Apple a lot of dollars

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 1st October 2018:

Matt Mullenweg Announces WordPress 5.0 Release Plan, Estimates Release Candidate to Ship in November
"Matt Mullenweg has announced a plan for releasing WordPress 5.0 with a tentative estimate for a release candidate to ship in November. "With known knowns and known unknowns, I believe we will be at RC in about a month," Mullenweg said. “However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback during the beta process and adjust as needed and keep the community fully up-to-date with our best estimate.”…"

If Deadlines Are Not Arbitrary, Why Not Release WordPress 5.0 in the Beginning of January?
"WordPress 5.0 is no ordinary major release. It will contain Gutenberg and completely revamp the content creation and editing experience. Not to mention, we won’t know the full extent of plugin and theme compatibility until it’s installed on millions of sites. Looking at the proposed release date and WordCamp US taking place on December 7th, it’s not out of the question to theorize the release occurring before and because of WCUS. It should be noted though that the roadmap Matt Mullenweg outlined at WordCamp EU earlier this year originally targeted a late August release…"

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Should Gutenberg Replace Your WordPress Page Builder?
"There has been no shortage of debate and controversy regarding this new editor. Therefore, it’s important to know what Gutenberg is and is not. This will help you make the best decisions with respect to how it fits in with your existing website…"

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First Wave of WordCamp Europe 2019 Tickets Sells Out in 3 Hours
"The first batch of tickets for WordCamp Europe 2019 were released early this morning and all 250 standard tickets sold out within three hours and nine minutes. Berlin won out as the next city to host the camp, in part due to the region’s strong local WordPress community. The city is international, diverse, and easily accessible for those traveling for the conference…"

Contractor Offers Help Toolset Clients get Custom Work from Peers
"Toolset support handles around 1,000 tickets every month. If you’ve ever used our support, you probably know that we’re doing our absolute very best to resolve problems and come up with creative solutions. However, sometimes you may need work which is beyond our support. To answer this need, we’re proud to introduce Contractor Offers…"

GoDaddy Hires Mike Schroder to Contribute to WordPress Core Full-Time
"Mike Schroder known at GetSource on Twitter and Mike on WordPress’ Slack instance is joining Aaron Campbell at GoDaddy to contribute to WordPress full-time…"

Astra Theme On Managed Cloud Hosting In Just 1-Click
What is there to say…? You can now click a button and get the Astra theme installed. I think that you can do the same with OceanWP too?

Introducing Trusted Devices with Session Hijacking Protection in iThemes Security
"The latest version of iThemes Security Pro just added another layer of security for your WordPress website. Introducing Trusted Devices, a new way to monitor and identify the devices used to login to WordPress. By adding security measures for unknown devices, along with Session Hijacking protection, you can lock down your WordPress website and protect it from compromises to user logins…"

These 15 Tips Will Turn You To A Gutenberg Master
"Today you’re going to be learning 15 tips and tricks to make you a Gutenberg master, and you’ll see first hand how effective the editor really is…"

Brizy Pro Preview Build 0.0.10: Toolset and Pods Support
"We’ve just added Toolset and Pods support in Brizy Pro. Starting today you can create and display dynamic custom fields created with any of these two popular plugins. ACF support was added a couple of weeks back…"

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

Hacktoberfest is Back for Year 5
"DigitalOcean started Hacktoberfest with a simple mission in mind: to give back to the open source community that had given us and many other companies so much. We combined our customers’ love of our swag with a challenge: contribute meaningfully to projects and earn a limited edition t-shirt. Five years later, more than 100,000 developers from 120 countries have participated, contributing nearly 400,000 pull requests to almost 100,000 repositories. We’re back for another year…"

Google to pay Apple $9 billion to remain default search engine on Safari
"Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs has estimated (via Business Insider, registration req’d) that Google will pay a whopping $9 billion to remain the default search engine for Apple’s Safari browser. The report also estimated that the number could grow by $3 billion to $12 billion over the next year…."

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