WP Builds Newsletter #27 – ClassicPress fork, multisite media library and cPanel acquired

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 20th August 2018:

ClassicPress: Gutenberg Not Included
Depending on how far and deep you look, there is not a lot of positive sentiment surrounding Gutenberg. For Scott Bowler, the notion of merging Gutenberg into WordPress 5.0 represents a shift so detrimental to the project, he has forked WordPress into a new project called ClassicPress…"
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New Network Media Library Plugin Creates a Shared Library on a Multisite Network
"WordPress core committer John Blackbourn has released a new plugin called Network Media Library that provides a shared media library across all sites on a WordPress multisite network. Blackbourn is an engineer at Human Made and the plugin is one he created for a client by forking Frank Bültge and Dominik Schilling’s Multisite Global Media plugin…"

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WP Builds Webinar replay with Project Huddle…
"In this webinar, the developer of Project Huddle, Andre Gagnon, shows us what the plugin can do to make the job of communicating with clients so much easier. We see how Project Huddle can be used to allow clients to post their comment ON the website that you are building for them. It’s super powerful and gets rid of the back-and-forth emails that you’re used to. He also shows us that you can use image mockups instead. This could be really useful for getting sign-off of design briefs or other project assets. We see the backend options as well as the possibilities to customise what the clients see with your branding…."

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The Real Story on Cookies – Dispelling Common Myths about The GDPR and Consent
"In this article, we’ll aim to clear up the confusion surrounding cookies in the wake of the GDPR. Plus, we’ll explore what’s required in order to obtain valid consent for cookie use. Let’s talk!…"

Oakley Capital to Acquire cPanel
"cPanel, the makes of control panel software used by many hosting providers across the globe, has announced it has signed an agreement to be acquired by Oakley Capital. Oakley Capital is a private equity investor that invests in companies primarily located in Western Europe…"

Blog About WordPress…Full Time! WPMU DEV Is Hiring Content Creators
"Are you a talented blogger who can wrap your head around pretty much every medium and subject matter? Do you also like your tech, and particularly the wonderful platform that over 30% of the web calls home, including this site and pretty much all of our customers sites? And would you like to become one of the leading voices in the WordPress web development community by joining the WPMU DEV team as a full time writer and content creator for our blog?…"

WordPress Security Roundup – August 2018
In this post, we highlight some of the recent activity in the world of web security. We cover everything from a good, simple reminder on 5 ways to secure your WordPress website to updates from Reddit, Google & Microsoft…"

WordCamp for Publishers 2018 Videos Now Available on WordPress.tv
WordCamp for Publishers 2018 was held in Chicago earlier this month, bringing together a diverse group of people who use WordPress to manage publications. The event even got a nod from Nieman Lab, who dubbed it “WordPress’ publisher summit,” and highlighted a few tweets from the #wcpub hashtag…"

We tried converting a bespoke website design in WordPress with Gutenberg and this is what happened
"I recently asked my WordPress Lead Developer Marie to research and test WordPress’s new Gutenberg editing system. The objective was to take a recent design and attempt to implement a few custom designed components in Gutenberg. We used Gutenberg 2.9.1 during testing. The project is in constant development and there’s no clear release date (August 2018 has recently been suggested at WordCamp Europe). It’s an ambitious and interesting project and one that greatly interests me as an agency owner. Is Gutenberg right for us? Will it help our clients? Can we make money developing sites on it?.."

Advanced Custom Blocks
"A WordPress Admin interface and a simple templating system for building custom Gutenberg blocks. With the Gutenberg update, WordPress users will increasingly look for the development of custom blocks to meet their unique needs. Advanced Custom Blocks reduces the development burden of building custom blocks through a simple and familiar WordPress Admin interface and an easy to learn templating system…"

Need More Power for Toolset Membership Sites?
"We want to make it easier to build fully-featured membership sites with Toolset. To do this, we need to know what you need, so we can make it exactly right for you. Spoiler: our plan is to take the custom code that we’ve created for our own accounts system and offer it as part of Toolset…"

Brizy – Get Ready, Set, GO
"I was waiting to write the Brizy Pro launch post since Brizy came to life a couple of months back. As you may already know we were (and still are) hard at work on Brizy Pro that will bring extended features and functionalities and thus more power to let you create websites even faster & easier. I’m excited to let you know we are nearly there with a lot of functionality already done and after our team’s meeting last week we’ve decided it’s time to roll out the Pro. We’ve made a plan on how we want this to happen that I want to present to you right now…"

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

New Google Assistant Feature Delivers “Good News” Only
Google Assistant has been updated with a feature that will deliver “good news” on command. Directing Google Assistant to “tell me something good” will give users a quick dose of positivity. “Good news,” as defined by Google, includes stories about people who are solving problems for communities and the world…"

AWS cuts in half the price of most of its Lightsail virtual private servers
"AWS Lightsail, which launched in 2016, is Amazon’s answer to the rise of Digital Ocean, OVH and other affordable virtual private server (VPS) players. Lightsail started as a pretty basic service, but over the course of the last two years, AWS added features like block storage, Windows support and additional regions. Today, the company announced it is launching two new instance sizes and cutting in half the price of most Linux-based Lightsail instances. Windows instances are also getting cheaper, though the price cut there is closer to 30 percent for most instances…"

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