81 – WordPress security and what you need to know about it with David Hayes

In this episode:

Discussion – Can we avoid burnout? – [3:05]

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Interview – WordPress security and what you need to know about it with David Hayes – [20:21]

Ending Fact – What is the shelf life of a website? – [1:04:40]

This week on the podcast we talk about something that is very dear to my heart… WordPress security!

I have literally no idea why this subject fascinates me as much as it does, but for some reason, I cannot help myself, I just love it!

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To be fair, it’s not just WordPress security that I’m interested in, it’s internet security in general. It’s a sad but true fact that I have listened to all 666 episodes of the Security Now Podcast! It’s utterly compelling!

I am interested in WordPress / internet security from the 10,000 mile high perspective. I like to hear the stories and understand the general ideas, but I’m not the kind of person to delve into the math of Elliptic Curves or Diffie Helmann symmetric keys. You need to be clever to actually understand this stuff, and as we all know, cleverness is not something that I possess too much of!

David Hayes on the other hand is a clever person; the kind of man who understands the code behind WordPress security.

The reason that I know this is because David co-runs WPShout.com, where they write about learning WordPress development, and recently he’s been focused on WordPress security.

You should really go take a look at the WordPress security course, because it’s really well prepared and touches on so many of the areas that you need to know about.

The 17 modules cover everything from hardened WordPress to security plugins to writing secure code. It’s all there.

David explains some of the more straightforward things that you can do to try to ensure that you don’t wake up at 3am with an email saying that you sites are all down. What are some of the simple things that you and your clients can do to make sure that your site has as good a chance as any of being alive tomorrow?

Regrettably, hacks don’t get worse, they only get better and, man, the bad guys are seriously good at this stuff now. Whether it’s poking around your site to deface it for SEO purposes, or to install some Crypto Mining software, these folk are looking for cheap, automated ways to take your site down and so having some knowledge in this area is a must.

I learned a lot and I hope that you do to.

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Happy listening!

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What is the shelf life of a website?

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