80 – Gutenberg’s design lead, Tammie Lister, explains what it’s all about

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Discussion – Red flag warnings for web design clients – [3:38]

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Interview – Gutenberg’s design lead, Tammie Lister, explains what it’s all about – [24:38]

Ending Fact – What version of PHP are people using to host WordPress? – [1:04:19]

Ever heard of Gutenberg? Nah, nobody in the WordPress community has mentioned it at all this year have they?!

It’s the most talked about thing in WordPress right now, and for good reason.

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When WordPress 5.0 ships at some point in 2018, Gutenberg will be along for the ride too, and it’s going to change WordPress in a pretty significant way.

Now, I’m not too sure exactly what it will look like and exactly how it will behave, because it’s going through some serious iterations at the moment. It’s come a really, really long way over the past year and recent updates have seen it change even more quickly.

It’s changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up, isn’t it? Luckily there are people out there who do know what’s going on with Gutenberg, and what’s going to happen to it in the near future. Tammie Lister is one such person, because she is currently the design lead for the Gutenberg project.

She explains what Gutenberg is about, why it is needed, what it’s purpose is. She then explains how it works and what decisions the whole team has made over time to make it work the way that it does. Turns out that there are many people involved with Gutenberg development, whether they are people writing code or posting their ideas about the project’s direction etc. Tammie is at great pains to point out that it’s not a small team effort, it’s the WordPress community as whole that are shaping this, and hopefully will be using it.

If you’ve got an interest in the future of WordPress, then this is a really cool episode for you. I cannot think of anything in our community right now that is getting more attention and hearing from Tammie is calming – it’s great to know that intelligent , thoughtful people are taking the lead on this issue so that people like you and I can benefit in WordPress’ future.

Go check it out.

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