71 – How to be authentic and produce lots and lots of content with BobWP (Bob Dunn)

71 – How to be authentic and produce lots and lots of content with BobWP (Bob Dunn)

In this episode:

Discussion – GDPR, what we’re telling our clients – [2:49]

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Interview – How to be authentic and produce lots and lots of content with BobWP (Bob Dunn) – [27:45]

Ending Fact – When we focus on one thing we ignore the others – [1:05:14]

Let me introduce you to Bob Dunn (a.k.a. BobWP), ha, like that’s a sentence that you’re going to be able to say! We all know about Bob don’t we?

We’ve read his many blogs and listened to his many podcasts and he’s taught us all a great deal. So this one was a great one for me to do as I have a huge amount of respect for Bob and all that he does for WordPress.

What, I think, makes Bob unique is the sheer amount of quality content that he produces, it’s prodigious and it’s hard to know how he manages to create it all. I wanted to know because just making this little podcast sometimes feels like a Herculean effort, but it’s chicken feed compared to Bob!

What I enjoyed about the conversation was how honest and warm Bob is. He’s a seasoned pro, but he was so lovely and warm to me, when the interview was over, I felt like something special had happened!

Go and listen to his authentic style and I challenge you not to want to know more about Bob and all of the cool stuff that he does. You’ll find out how he keeps going and if it’s always easy for him. He also talks about he how he got started in collaboration with his wife, and how he uses his system to keep on top of all the myriad plates that he’s balancing at the same time.

Also, importantly, he talks about how he manages to make a career out of producing content for the WordPress community, by no means an easy feat!

Please listen right to the end of the this one and leave a comment so that we can hear your thoughts.

Bob’s stuff (there’s so much):


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