218 – ‘E’ is for eCommerce

'E' is for eCommerce - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #218

It’s another of our chats in the series called the ‘A-Z of WordPress’, where we attempt to cover all the major aspects to building and maintaining sites with WP. Today is ‘E’ for… Ecommerce. There’s just so much to say here because WordPress and Ecommerce are growing at a phenomenal rate. With so much activity, you’d think that there might be a ‘best’ way to build an online shop. But as is so often the case with WordPress, there’s multiple ways to achieve the same goal. So today on the podcast we talk about our experiences with WordPress as well as surface some of the plugins and themes that we’ve come across over the years to make your WordPress / WooCommerce shop a reality. Go check it out…

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180 – WooCommerce v other options

180 - WooCommerce v other options - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

I don’t do eCommerce! So when David suggested that we carry about a debate about WooCommerce v’s other options, it was pretty clear which side of the fence I was going to defending! The opening of the podcast is about whether or not you should be involved with eCommerce at all. Yes, I know that lots of your clients want it, and there’s decent money to be had from building such sites, but there’s also the strain and stress that eCommerce websites bring that no others do. Upgrades can be problematic, restoring from a backup after something goes wrong, with orders still coming in is a nightmare, and it’s likely the only kind of website that you’re going to build which your clients are going to poking about in every single day – they break things and then, well, you know who they turn to for help! So just don’t do eCommerce… period! David diagrees, so I ought to let him have his say too, so listen to the podcast to find out wht he thinks…

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