98 – Carrie Dils talks about why she loves WordPress and how you can use it

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Discussion – Carrie Dils talks about why she loves WordPress and how you can use it – [4:44]

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With our interview guest: Carrie Dils

There are some people that you’re drawn towards aren’t there? People that you like to listen to, people that you like to read about. When I started to use WordPress a few years ago, I was constantly on the lookout for people who were producing great content that I could consume to further my understanding of how WordPress worked and of how I could make it do what I wanted it to do.

I’m sure that you have your list of people who fill this criteria, the people that you want to listen to and read about? Carrie Dils is one of those people for me.

She’s be creating content in the WordPress space for ages and not just that, she’s been producing a whole load of different forms of content. So much so in fact that it’s almost impossible to understand how she’s managed to stay sane doing it all. She is, as you’d expect, very modest about it all, but in my mind her output is really rather amazing, and quite frankly, I’m jealous!

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She’s the creator of WordPress themes (Genesis Child Themes to be more specific), a course creator, a blogger, a podcaster, a builder of client websites. I try to do a couple of those things and it’s enough for me! I don’t think that people like Carrie are common, but they are wonderful!

Carrie talks about her heritage with WordPress and what brought her to it. She goes on to speak about all the different channels that she’s tried to create over the years. Some of them were more successful than others, but the point that she makes is that if you have a few small streams, you eventually get a river. The more little endeavours that you are working on, the more likely that you’re going to be able to make a living from one or all of them.

We also focus upon the things that she’s working on right now. Some of the older things that she used to do, she no longer does, and she’s been working away on her updated Genesis Child Theme in order to bring it up to date and ready for Gutenberg.

Speaking of Gutenberg, we also get onto that subject to and hear Carrie’s thoughts about it; Gutenberg and the future of WordPress.

I have to confess that this recording was made a few weeks ago now and so some of the Gutenberg timelines and events that we mention might no longer be up-to-date, but the underlying politics and disharmony that we discuss are still relevant. Carrie also makes the good point that most of the people who use WordPress don’t care at all about Gutenberg, so perhaps we’re all getting worked up for no reason at all!

The theme that we keep coming back to is that Carrie is a person who likes to educate people, teach them how to leverage WordPress so that they can use it for themselves. I don’t know what it is about educators, but I’m always drawn to them and want to hear what they have to say.

I hope that you find this episode to be of some value, Carrie is certainly someone that I look up to. We could all learn from her.

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