82 – Properly supporting our wonderful WordPress community with Dan Maby

82 – Properly supporting our wonderful WordPress community with Dan Maby

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Discussion – What systems are available to get paid? – [4:31]

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Interview – Properly supporting out wonderful WordPress community with Dan Maby – [29:12]

Ending Fact – Exit pop-ups actually work! – [1:09:03]

One of the best things about doing this podcast is getting to meet people that I might not otherwise have had the chance to talk to. Often those people are doing amazing things in the WordPress space. Dan Maby is one such person. He’s doing really amazing things, and I loved chatting with him.

Dan appears to be on a mission to set up WordPress meetups all over the UK, and this is no trivial task. If you think about what goes into a WordPress meetup, the room hire, the food order, the speaker scheduling etc., then you’ll realise that running one of these things is almost like a part-time job! Dan however runs many of them, all over the UK. So what might have been a part-time job suddenly becomes multiple full-time jobs. I honestly don’t know where he gets all the energy and enthusiasm from.

It’s so fabulous that someone like Dan is around to create events like these so that people like me and you can benefit from them. I wonder how many seats Dan has filled over the year? Quite a lot, I’m sure!

Page Builder Summit 5.0, 20th-24th Feb 2023

As if that were not helpful enough, Dan decided that there was more volunteer work that needed to be done. This time not meetups, but something called WPandUP.

This is a new, and I might say important, initiative to help WordPress freelancers with their mental health concerns. We all know how isolating sitting in front of a screen all day can be. It’s not good for you physically, and sometimes it takes a toll on your mental health too. But, where do you go for support, help and advice? Well, from now on WPandUP might be your best bet.

Broken out into four ‘Health Hubs’; Business Health, Code Health, Mental Health and Physical Health, each Hub is designed to offer you support that can bring you back on track.

Dan talks about why he’s set all this up and what it’s all about – it’s very cool and I’m deeply impressed by him as a person and the change that he’s trying to bring about.

This is something completely new to the podcast; no talk about plugins, hosting or code. Just a chat with one guy who is on a mission to make all of our lives better.

Completely awesome!

I’m really hoping that some of you will reach out to Dan in the WP Builds Facebook group and give HIM some support and encouragement for all the great things that he’s doing. You never know, you might be able to give something back through the many things that Dan is doing.

This is a ‘must listen’!

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David Waumsley and Dan Maby on YouTube discussing the WordPress London Meetup site, or if that link does not work try this link instead!

Exit pop-ups actually work.

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Nathan Wrigley

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