78 – Amir Helzer explains Toolset relationships and Gutenberg support

In this episode:

Discussion – Browser testing… How much should we do? – [3:09]

Interview – Amir Helzer explains Toolset relationships and Gutenberg support – [18:42]

Ending Fact – Most popular themes – [1:04:40]

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Quite a while ago now, we had a chat with Amir Helzer, the CEO of onTheGoSystems, the people behind the popular WPML and Toolset plugins. Well, time and tide wait for no website, and developers need to keep innovating and updating their products to keep them relevant.

Amir is on the show this week to chat through some of the important updates that they’ve been busy with.

We talk quite a lot about some great new features that have been added to Toolset, such as the ability to create complex relationships for your WordPress Custom Post Types. He tells us what relationships are, and why you might want them. Obviously, if you’re just creating brochure sites that don’t change that much over time, then you might not need this; but if you’re looking to build out complicated, data-heavy websites, then this certainly something that you need to be getting to grips with.

So, imagine a book (not that hard!), but a book as an author and a publisher and an illustrator. What if you wanted to create listings of books, but not just one book at a time? What if you wanted to create a Custom Post Type of ‘Book’, and then have the author, publisher and illustrator attached to that book. Well, with relationships you can start to do fun things like reusing the book data to show lists of book by the author, which are published by this particular publisher or feature this illustrator. You see… that’s really powerful isn’t it?

Of course, you’re not going want to create ‘books’ listings are you? You’re going to want to create other things, like ‘cars’ and ‘great WordPress podcasts’ and ‘cartoon characters’! You are going to be able to do that with Toolset, with a point and click UI. Nice!

If you’re a Toolset user, one of the things that you’ve likely been worrying about is Gutenberg! Admit it, you lost 1 or 2 seconds sleep about it this week alone didn’t you!?!

Amir tells us how Toolset is getting lined up to leverage Gutenberg and make the new content editor a first relation of Toolset going forwards.

Great episode from a great guy who has a great product. That’s three greats in a row!

Go listen right now!

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